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    Vertical Lineshaft Driven Mill

    If you are looking for a vertical-spindle milling machine, like a Bridgeport, driven by a lineshaft i.e. without a drive motor of its own, I am not aware that such a thing was ever manufactured. A vertical mill could certainly be adapted to being driven by a lineshaft, but it would be more...
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    Do you know what this is?

    You place the opened can of Spam on the little platform to the right of the seat. On the larger platform in front, you place instructions on which body orifice to put it in.
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    Hydraulic press/cylinder questions

    When compacting earth fill, it has to be done in thin layers called "lifts", to achieve maximum uniform density. I assume your powder will behave similarly WHy a tall column or thick layer will not compact as much as a short/thin one under the same pressure, I can only speculat. T suspect...
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    To cut requires force against what you are cutting. Sharp edge concentrates force to exceed ultimate strength of material. But blades of grass are flexible and light. So there are two ways to create force against grass to cut it. One is to back it up with a stationary object like the...
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    OT: Book Publishing advice needed

    For your illustrations, you could perhaps talk to art teachers at nearby sch ools, ask if they have outstanding students who might be interested in the project. You could pay them by the drawing, offer them a royalty on each book sold....a student might be willing to do it just for the exposure.
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    OT: Book Publishing advice needed

    I published a book on Amazon, and it was pretty easy once i had a proper pDF. Amazon is funny, though, they have too much power and can scuttle you without recourse. I re-published with Ingram-Spark. A bit more complicated to work with, but htey do not think they are Big Brother. Also they...
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    Hinged pole support

    Mount a hinge bracket with hingepin axis horizontal, eight or so feet up the pole. Hang from the hinge a solid or springy leg, of length calculated to stop the camera desired height above the ground.
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    I started my business with SB 10 and bench grinder in a bedroom, bandsaw and drill-press in the kitchen, welders and later, milling machine in a shed attached to the house. In my experience, there are few repair and can't-buy-this-part jobs that can be done on a lathe alone. You will not be...
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    Fixing Milling Arbor Runout

    Maybe I am crazy to consider straightening an arbor in the machine, and maybe not. My milling machines have plain bronze bearings. Yours probably ball or roller. But consider how much force it might require to straighten a simple bend near the shank..the only kind it would be geometrically...
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    Fixing Milling Arbor Runout

    Straightening shafts is a bit of an art. Your arbors may have one simple bend near the shank, or may be pretzels. If you mount the arbor in the machine, and indicate it at every couple of inches from outboard journal to shank, marking the high-spots and the value with a Sharpie at each...
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    Western electric rotary black telephone will not ring.

    I think it was Mark Twain who recommended the barrel treatment, but i think he advocated driving in the bung at age 18
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    Western electric rotary black telephone will not ring.

    I love this place. And I have an "old telephone" question, too, but I'll save it. Jim who refers to J6 should perhaps check the dictionary, and actual video of the event, for suitability of the word, "invaded". On free speech, it is easy for us to agree, at least in small groups, about stuff...
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    Grinding wheeels likely to go cheap at auction in Arizona

    My only connection with the seller is that I bought a truckload of guy-strand from them several years ago, so i am on their e-mail list. I know nothing about the wheels, and do not know how much the seller will be able to tell you...
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    Hard chrome rod -- where to buy a small quantity, 9/16" dia.

    Have you looked at the linear guideway products? "Thomson 60 case" was the first, IIRC, but here are many now, and offerings in hardened stainless if not hard chrome
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    Portable inverter

    I start the welder with a crank. Wisconsin 2-cylinder engine. No water, no battery, no motherboards....different subject. If I did a lot of work on-the-road, or if I were otherwise ready to replace all my corded portable power tools, switching to battery tools might make sense. But one $150...
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    Chasing Thousands

    Barrel-roller bearing are what you need, but sealing them is a problem. Or maybe add a strongback to connect the cheek-plates so the two cheeks stay in alignment...but maybe no room. Farm machinery.
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    Portable inverter

    Adding alternator to the welder I take on jobs would still be low V DC, if an automotive type, or $ for a 120VAC, plus I would need to change the end bearing and make a shaft extension and mount for it. Inverter allows use on any vehicle, even without running the engine for a light or brief...
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    Portable inverter

    Not all my work can come to my shop:I sometimes have to go to it. My engine-drive welder has no auxiliary power. I have used a small, cheap inverter (400W cont., 800 peak), running off my truck battery. I want to buy a slightly bigger one to drive bigger portable power tools, say 1000-1500W...
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    preventing weld deflection on a bolt flange

    John K's suggestion of preheat will reduce thermal gradients/thermal stresses, and should reduce warp. Letting it cool between passes would seem to me to increase it. Preheat or letting it get very hot from multiple passes, while it is bolted to a strongback of some sort, that holds it flat...
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    Ingersoll-Rand Model 3310G 3000 PSI 3-stage compressor

    Well Mossy Back, I am glad you showed up! Thanks for the caution, John K. I have crank-start Wisconsin engines on several pieces of equipment, and none of them has hurt me yet...more than I can say for my beloved old IH tractor, but of course it is always "pilot error". Mossy Back, The plate...