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    Great Steam Locomotive shop youtube

    Wonderful video. Back in the day when men " didn't know it couldn't be done " and jumping in made it happen. Lots of beautiful hammer work shown with never a wasted blow. Nice shop as well. Thanks for posting.
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    Found in 1840s farm house basement - stone weight driven pump?

    Very very good Bill. Reminds me of the Daniel Regan Vapor Carburetor which used suction to pull the gasoline vapors through the liquid fuel. I would imagine somewhere in the dim past this system was also tried as a fuel source for early internal combustion engines. Amazing what the Victorians...
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    Found in 1840s farm house basement - stone weight driven pump?

    Good golly Molly... what a system to fill a cistern ! By the time a guy gets done winding the system he could have seemingly just as easy " worked the pump " so to speak. Joe's explanation seems perfectly plausible. I would imagine the pump is probably still in the well. Keep us informed what...
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    Eighty year old man casting a gear, video

    Quote " 15% smaller, when cast is poured it is 100% expanded do to heat then cools down 15%, so the pattern maker has a 12 inch rule that is 13.8 inchs long so there is no math to do just works off the blue print in finsh size inchs. cant do clean up in the size is small to start with, and it...
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    Antique lathe

    Probably would fit perfect.
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    1945 Brevet Hamilton Watch Co. Pinion Cutting Machine

    It would cost a hundred thousand dollars to make a machine like this today...at least.
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    Steam Launch in Auction in Nunda NY

    By golly Jim I think you nailed it.
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    Steam Launch in Auction in Nunda NY

    Thanks Dave ! Looks like a modern built Compound Steam engine installation based on Allen head cap screw construction. Nice boat and power plant. Good for a Sunday afternoon ! I'm quite sure that boiler will supply plenty of steam....
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    Early style Judson Steam Throttling Governor.

    All finished and some have already moved on to their good home's. These pics show the engine which inspired the original idea as it needed a governor this size. Pics show the installation although the drive needs a bit of cosmetic " antiquing " . I appreciate this Forum allowing me to share...
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    Syntron Gas Hammer

    I'd say 250-300 dollars at a antique engine swapmeet.
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    Possible Monarch lathe placard

    Looks like it may be off an old wooden refrigerator. Sure would look great on a Monarch lathe !
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    Early style Judson Steam Throttling Governor.

    Thanks Rob ! All four years in High school I took mechanical drawing while everyone else took architectural design. I had a great old school Instructor Mr. Dixon. He took a special interest in me as he was more of an Engineer than a house designer. After three years ( and sometimes taking two...
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    Early style Judson Steam Throttling Governor.

    All seven finished and working properly. The pulley's still need machining but what I'll do on those will be leaving them semi finished. Steam governor's need a properly sized drive pulley to work properly plus need to be either round belt or flat.. crowned or flanged. The center pic shows the...
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    Does anybody recognize this lathe? Ideas on it's weight

    You can carry it in two hands. Under a hunnert pounds for sure.
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    Early style Judson Steam Throttling Governor.

    Jake, it would be nice if you could post some pics of the first generation Judson steam governor to this thread.
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    1870 Baldwin/Shultz Lathe restoration

    There is only one thing wrong with this lathe. It makes everything I own look like crap !
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    Early style Judson Steam Throttling Governor.

    Best I can do Jake. Here is a poor pic of a sectioned Judson valve. The Valve prongs simply engage with the bottom seat to keep axial valve alignment. The " cutout" portions form the actual valve opening. The idea behind it is this. Steam enters pressurizing the bottom chamber. It then enters...
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    Early style Judson Steam Throttling Governor.

    I have finished final assembly on four of these steam governors. The other three are waiting to be fitted. These governors work beautifully ! Smooth like a sewing machine :) I am glad to be nearly finished !
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    American Antiquarian Society (early machine tools ads and broadsides)

    Steam pump and governor porn... Thanks Jake !
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    Early style Judson Steam Throttling Governor.

    More information from Robert Lang's excellent link to the American Antiquarian Society.