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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    That looks like a cylinder from a Callahan gas engine!!
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    Watts Campbell important News

    Here is another photo taken at the same time I presume. A lot of history has been lost there.
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    Watts Campbell important News

    Here is how the big planer looked a year or two ago....very sad.
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    Interesting auction in MT Morris NY

    Nice collection of user tools. Thanks for posting. The former owner did some nice restoration work.
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    Maihak Steam Engine Indicator Thread Adapter

    That is an interesting thread size being a combination of metric and imperial dimensions. I wonder if it 27mm X 2.5 mm pitch?
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    Watts Campbell important News

    I was sent a couple of photos taken inside the Watts Campbell building recently (within the last 6-8 months). The excavator was inside and busy cleaning out all the wonderful history. What a shame it could not have been saved as an important piece of our industrial heritage. I was asked to...
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    Lodge and Shipley cast brass nameplate

    I have a nice cast brass Lodge and Shipley Machine Tool Co nameplate that is doing no good on my shelf. It has a patent date of April 10, 1894. I would like to see it go to someone that actually needs it for their machine (I am assuming a lathe). I am not going to post the size here as that...
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    0t-----the machinist mate and the blockbuster

    The Triple expansion is turned by an electric motor on the Lane Victory. They did a nice job cleaning it up and polishing the bright work. I saw the engine back in the 1980's in Ed Paxton's yard in San Diego. Ed had a couple of slightly smaller compound marine engines that have disappeared...
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    Hendey hard cover history book

    I have a hard cover book titled "Hendey 1870-1920". Privately published by Hendey in 1922. I will give this book to someone that will read it and keep it in their collection. Please no resellers need apply. It has water stains and the binding is loose but it is free other than postage. It...
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    Watts Campbell important News

    It’s been quite a while. Any new news about Watts Campbell? I heard some machines have been scrapped.
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    OT hit and miss engine

    Bob H is correct. The gray engine is a Monitor VJ pump jack engine. Looks complete. Only had a single flywheel. Hit and miss governed by holding the exhaust valve open. Muffler is not original. Pump jack gearing is in front on ground as well as the cast iron gas tank. Used a model T...
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    Steam power RR crane photo heavy

    There is also an operating railroad steam wrecker in Ely Nevada at the Nevada Northern RR. the steam it up on occasion. Lots of videos on Youtube.
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    Large collection of pre 1900 machine tools for sale

    Thanks for the thought. Some of the machines came from American Precision Museum with the help of Ed Battison. Ed would arrange for a machine to be deaccessioned and then sold with the money going to the museum. They were either duplicates or near duplicates and the museum was (and probably...
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    Large collection of pre 1900 machine tools for sale

    The small Putnam lathe is once again available. Sorry for no photos but as Enginebill says (he has seen the place)it is so full that good photos are not possible. There are some machines that you cannot even get to without climbing over other machines.
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    Large collection of pre 1900 machine tools for sale

    Thanks to PM some of these machines will be going to new homes. The Windsor and Whitcomb planers are spoken for. One camelback drill press is sold and it looks like the small Putnam lathe will go to a new home. Also had some interest in the radial drill press. thanks for looking!
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    Large collection of pre 1900 machine tools for sale

    A good friend passed away a few years ago and I have been tasked to find new homes for his collection of early machine and woodworking machines. First I want to say the collection is in San Diego, California and no shipping is possible. If you want to buy something it will need to be picked up...
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    Ed Battison's Collection on the American Pickers

    Ed's museum was named "The Franklin Museum of Nature and the Human spirit". He was a big fan of Benjamin Franklin hence the name. He wanted to show a connection between the human desire to improve life and doing so through innovation. He and I had several talks about this while walking (maybe...
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    Very old lathe in upstate New York

    I hope this early lathe can go to Rough and Tumble. I just helped them acquire a late 1840's lathe made in Lancaster, PA. Bill picked it up last week from New Hampshire. This lathe would be wonderful show the evolution from a wood frame with iron ways machine to an all cast iron lathe of...
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    Acquiring a 28" Ohio Heavy Shaper, pics and such.

    I think the reason the vise is shimmed is they were cutting a tapered keyway in something. The tooling is still in the clapper box. Just a thought!