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    Lubricating the guides at AGIECUT CLASSIC 2

    yes i do. you need to greases and two grease guns. Isoflex AK50 for ball scres And Centoplex (not sure which one) for the guides. there are stickers al over the machine telling you where to grease. DO NOT MIX UP THE GREASES.
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    Lubricating the guides at AGIECUT CLASSIC 2

    I see the confusion. i speak agie and what they are refering to are the ball screw and linear guides! X,Y,Z,U,v axes NOT wire guides!
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    Lubricating the guides at AGIECUT CLASSIC 2

    Aye Carumba! are you saying that you do or dont grease your machines? The cut E and P will literally stop you from running till you run a greasing cycle
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    Agie Agiecut 2F "Temperature electronics out of tolerance"

    quick question are cabinet access panels off?
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    Agie Classic S, wire tension, tank fill / drain issues

    which float are you holding up?
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    GF Charmilles Cut C350

    FYI GF Has service in Mexico. All EDM parts are high priced! Some a little more than others though!
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    AgieCharmille Cut E 350 - Cutting Issue

    ok so first off when you made the technology did you choose a poor flushing condition? you do this by picking the middle tile in the EDM expert page under conditions
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    AgieCharmille Cut E 350 - Cutting Issue

    JP what are the three most important things in EDM?
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    Advice on spare parts for Charmilles

    contacts, guides if not worn, threading jets,wire panel, lotsa upper head parts. the bearings for the lower May be the same. P-350 is essentially a charmilles 240 machine tool.
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    Agie Progress VP2 Alarm

    check the valve controlling flow of chilled water to heat exchanger YV31 may be stuck open or closed. check amount of water in chiller. when this just comes on out of nowhere chiller reservoir is usually low
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    Agie Progress VP2 Alarm

    54F is not to cold! these machines use a closed loop system and a heat exchanger. you need chilled water to be at least 10F colder than what you want on machine side for exchanger to work effectively. 54C is definitely to hot! lol
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    Buy Wire EDM machine NEW vs. USED (pros and cons) Makino U3, U6 vs. SP64/43, U53/U86

    Hey Now! those crashes put two kids through college! lol I think the salesman was blowing smoke unless he was including hole popping, the older machines may have been produced in Taiwan. Kind of weird though back then I would have thought Taiwan meant better than Chinese. The best machine is...
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    Buy Wire EDM machine NEW vs. USED (pros and cons) Makino U3, U6 vs. SP64/43, U53/U86

    Hi Marcus, I am unaware of any Value Charmilles machines made in Taiwan. I am aware that the "C" and "E" machines are made in China at GF factories. Even the CUT 20P was made in China. ALL the Charmilles versions GF makes regardless of country of origin have collision protection to my knowledge...
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    AJIECUT 200D. I need help.

    make sure you are away from the limits in x-y. does control power up?
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    Does Wire EDM change the temper or properties of metal?

    Fyi Im not saying which EDM machines but y'all can probably figure that out lol
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    Cut E350 program error

    clearance is modal, you have to turn off. in command language it is CLE,0 in g-code it is g10 p16 r0
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    AGIE Cut 200D - 1989 / MODE6 issues

    Pilot is correct to use mode 6 HC has to be 11 or above the PMO-9 board serves several purposes and one is to create a pre-pulse for mode 6 this can only be done with HC above 11.
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    GF Charmilles Cut C350

    Hi Shane, just curious which consumables are you referring to?
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    How to load the program on old AGIE 100?

    420 is wire slippage check the belts and check the carbide rings that the wire wraps around in brake assembly. thread the wire and with the handbox on run the wire. Grab the black brake wheel on the conofil. the wire should break between upper and lower head. if not, determine if it is slipping...