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    Mysterious thread call out, gear teeth?

    Pretty sure that the thread is Trapez fine pitch 6MM and the gear would be metric module 3 with a 20° pressure angle.
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    A lathe born out of necessity

    Looks like something from a Popular mechanics issue! :D Great Projects from Old How-to Magazines : Drill Press A Small Bench Lathe Made Of Pipe Fittings
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    Wumra - Rathenow small drillpress

    Tak Søren. Så mangler jeg bare det tyskkursus jeg har snakket om at tage i lang tid! :D
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    Wumra - Rathenow small drillpress

    Hi! Recently I bought this tiny drillpress. The 'drillbit' seems to be make from diamond or some other kind of hard stone. The only thing I can get from google is that is a watchmakers drillpress. A few questions that I hope some of you can help me with. What is its application? (Is it simply...
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    I have been added to the Internet Craftsmanship Museum!

    There is no way that is handcrafted! The only explanation is that he has invented a shrinking machine! Just kidding of course! Amazing work! Well deserved indeed!
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    Grid drilling programming?

    Have you considered cam? Gibbscam have a utility that selects all the holes on a surface. If the holes are all the same distance you could use macroprogramming and save a few thousand lines of code. :D
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    Measuring location of NPT thread on CMM

    I am not going to disagree with you on that! What really is silly is that the reference points is from a cast surface, and one of them is where they pour the metal so it has also been ground with a anglegrinder! This is not something that we want to do but the customer wants full CMM reports on...
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    Measuring location of NPT thread on CMM

    Hi. We're having some trouble with the location of some NPT threads. Our CMM programmer have been scratching his head in a way that is leading to baldness! In his head he could find the center of a NPT thread the exact same way as a normal thread. (probing in a pitch) In my head that would lead...
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    Measuring a bowl?

    Hi! Just a little update. First of all, thank you for all of your suggestions, next time I will have a few ideas of how to measure something similar! Sadly we did not get the part so we never got around to buying the necessary tools for measuring! Again, thank you for your help! It is nice to...
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    Can Anyone ID this,( Does it have any value)

    Looks like a 4th axis for a cnc mill. Pretty expensive but I think you need the control box.
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    Measuring a bowl?

    Hi! I have bit of a problem! At work we are about to make a few of the parts similar to the one below. My question is: How do you go about measuring the diameter of the sphere cut? Part is to be made on a lathe so it is circular. Any help is more than welcome! EDIT! Yes it is in metric, sorry...
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    Vindicative sales reps

    I am just speechless! I have never heard of a sales rep doing any of the things you just wrote! (I had one deliver cake earlier today) Is this something that occurs often in your area?
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    How to spin spindle in reverse in a mazatrol program.

    You should be able to input a gcode line, I don't know what the tab will be called on your control (since my control is in danish and mazak could not translate properly if their lives depended on it! It could be called 'manual' but that is just a loose guess!) When you input a fcode line, you...
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    Kennametals KSEM tips

    Hi. We have some parts that require a 31.1mm hole, part is cylindrical so we make it on a lathe. Previous we made the part on some older Okuma lathes with plenty of power on the Z axis. Now, we have to do it on a new Doosan lathe, and it is week! Plenty of power on the spindle. but the Z axis...
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    I have seen the levels things, and sure, if your lathe is 100% in level and you only use positive cutting tools I suppose that it is good enough...... But I see it as a waste of money and time.(just my thought about it, if others have the levels, use them and are happy! that is also fine! there...
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    stump-er job!! Need machining/method advice.

    Can you post the drawing or a picture of the part?
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    Saw your post in ' How to drill holes through a sphere and avoid drilling through...

    Saw your post in ' How to drill holes through a sphere and avoid drilling through it(over-drilling)' and I was just wondering about how you ended up in machinimg when you started in the health sector? Sounds like quite a story. Mads Hansen
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    Renishaw Probe Replacement

    Depending on the lenght and ball.... If i remember correctly then the price for a 8mm ball 80mm long, is about 340$ I could be mistaken.
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    ot. you know your a machinist when

    Used to carry my caliper in the side pocket of my pants! Boy did that scratch a lot of leather chairs! I only used the caliper for measuring stock or something that only had to be within a millimeter! Because of the damage when it fell out when sitting down hehe
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    China machinery export will be one of the top 3 player by 2020?

    Sandvik, whenever I think of Sweden I think of Sandvik.... And blonde girls.. But that is thankfully not an industry.