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    WTB AP relay for 1942 MG 10EE (or whole DC box for same)

    Hi I hope this helps mine is 1943 round dial Paul
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    Monarch 10EE for sale

    I think is kind of in between Kubota and Mack more Kubota I think Paul
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    Monarch 10EE for sale

    Hi Sadly I have to part with my beloved lathe so for sale is one Monarch 10EE round dial build in 1943, I have restored this lathe everything is in working order, runs out of standard 30amp 240V socket via RPC (Gold) series from WNY paired with 7.5 Hp 3 phase motor, no coolant pump, this lathe...
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    Generator connection

    How does this break the Ground and Neutral bond at the main panel?? I tried to google this topic and it seems I get as many answers as there are electricians out there, not as simple as one would it thought it should be I'm thinking of breaking a ground/neutral connection at the transfer switch...
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    Generator connection

    Most generators have 30 amp 240 V female plug that you would connect your generator to outside socket and from there to transfer switch or panel with interlocking kit, un-switching the the bond at the generator requires taking that bond off which might void the generator warrant since most of...
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    Generator connection

    Where do you brake the neutral to ground bond ? Paul
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    Generator connection

    Hi I ave a question to competent electrician to verify my logic in connecting generator to main service panel I have a diesel heavy duty 5000 W generator, that I would like to use in case of power outage (we had few of those in last 2 years) to power some essential circuits in my home my plan...
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    Hand Machined shaving brush $85

    I'm reading all those posts and I can't believe of jealousy of some people, so he doesn't have Monarch 10 EE I do and don't make stuff like that not because I can't but because I luck ideas looks at some of the other stuff he has there, letter openers they look pretty cool and nicely done...
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    New Single-Phase Compressor Motor fails in 2 weeks on 2 legs of 208V 3 phase Wye...?

    motor Sorry for my probably lame question but how do You run 5 hp motor at 3 Hp? Thank You for your answer Paul
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    I hve a product- now what??

    Thank You all for the good responses The beauty nobody is making this product yet due to limited market it is a very simple contraption but it does require a bit of 1/8 gauge and 16 ga metal parts to be bend and weld together to be rigid and strong enough precision is important but not to...
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    I hve a product- now what??

    Hi So I have been lurking on the forum for a while looking at some similar posts and would love to hear others people opinion So I came up with the product, made a prototype + few examples to test in real world that I actually was able to sell it !! I have approached few small- mid size...
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    Heat in the garage

    Rocket Stove Yeah I'm seriously considering this since they don't have to be vented vertically and supposedly they create crazy amount of heat Thanks for all the Inputs so far NG would be best solution and that was mine first approach but my main line is not big enough to service another...
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    Heat in the garage

    Hi So here is a dilemma right now I have 240 5000W heater that does decent job providing heat however I only have 40 amp available in the garage and when running machinery I,m always afraid of overloading the system, besides that heater has a hard time keeping more then 14 C about 55 F, and...
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    SS hand water pump

    Thank You all for you contributions !!! Much appreciated keep them coming. Some of the new pumps are SS, but you are right I could make it out of bronze especially the internal part would this work SSpipe as a cylinder and then sucking valve out of bronze? The composite one look good and...
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    SS hand water pump

    Hi Would like to build a hand deep well water pump (do not want to spend 1k) have all the equipment for it just would like to know what type of SS would be best suited for the project I know some types machine and weld better then others but has to be capable to stand up to submerged environment...
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    converting a paintbal gun to throw line for cable pulling

    Just buy a hand held spear gun if this is the way you want to do it all the parts are there dart string and adjustable power, I personally wouldn't recommend that technique but sure sound like the "red neck engineering" most likely will work but too many chances of things that can go wrong Paul
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    what do you do?

    Cardiovascular ultrasound tech, wannabe machinist enjoy restoring old stuff, fixing inventing and fabricating new things to make a world a better place... I really enjoy old equipment that don't make stuff like that anymore it was build well to last that is why a lot of those companies are out...
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    Monarch 10ee

    Wow all those post about paint and paint stripes! a lot of very angry and disturb folks here! actually few other forums worn people about coming and posting here now I see why very sad... Who the f$#k cares how the machine is painted one likes chocolate others bananas anything wrong with that...
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    Powering up Monarch 10EE

    Hi there so the progress on the rebuild is coming along slowly started painting some parts main unit still needs to be prep for painting, visited Yahoo group for Monarch and came across this method of powering up the lathe it basically gets rid of the motor and generator by my understanding and...
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    New to me Monarch 10EE -1943

    OK thanks for the info on photos and stickies will comply Paul