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  1. alcro1998

    Deckel FP3L Manual

    Well actually maybe they aren't so bad. Looks like the majority are high quality reproductions. Still seems pricey though and I'd rather have a digital copy on my phone.
  2. alcro1998

    Deckel FP3L Manual

    Way over priced for something that they probably didn't source themselves. Also like 99% of those manuals are already available. Maybe if I am really desperate I will cave and buy one.
  3. alcro1998

    Deckel FP3L Manual

    I am pretty sure it is the old generation. I will never buy a manual off one of those eBay guys haha.
  4. alcro1998

    Deckel FP3L Manual

    Hi, I am looking at possibly buying a FP3L. I can not seem to find the manual anywhere at all. If someone could share it that would be awesome! Thanks!
  5. alcro1998

    WTB: Rockwell Milling Machine

    I have one that will be available pretty soon. Please send me a pm and we can work details out. I am in Ohio.
  6. alcro1998

    Deckel FP4NC and FP2NC parts available

    I might be interested in the 220 to 380v transformer if it is three phase one. Do you happen to have the spindle motors from the machines?
  7. alcro1998

    WTB: Clausing 85xx, Millrite, etc

    I have a nice Rockwell 21-120 the one with the vertical and horizontal spindle. PM me if you are interested.
  8. alcro1998

    HGR has 13ee

    Quite seasoned for sure. My buddy saw this before it was listed on the website. Probably needs all new electronics and who knows what else.
  9. alcro1998

    WTB - Heidenhain Readout for Deckel FP3

    I am looking to buy a heidenhain 3 axis readout for my Deckel FP3. The machine was missing the TNC Activ controller and I just want a standard readout for it. The scales are still on the machine and use the old style round connectors. I would like one that’s in good condition and doesn’t look...
  10. alcro1998

    Which Deckel is this?

    Well, “need” means I don’t need it :) I loves Deckels.
  11. alcro1998

    Which Deckel is this?

    Good deal for sure. Just bad timing for me really. I do have the space and “need” it. Just have a lot of other stuff that I need to buy first basically.
  12. alcro1998

    Which Deckel is this?

    $1500 I sat there watching and didn’t buy. Possibly the hardest decision I’ve ever made. Place had no way to load and a rigger was required. So additional costs on top of the sale price. Unfortunately really bad timing for me and I couldn’t make it happen :(
  13. alcro1998

    ISO- Used Toolroom Lathe

    $2k does not get much these days. Unless you snag one in the first 20mins of it being listed.
  14. alcro1998

    Biax 8E Power Flaker $1100

    Biax 8E Power Flaker - Great Condition!. Everything seems to run well on it. Sounds good when turned on. I wanted to get into scraping and flaking but never had the chance to so I am selling my flaker. Comes with everything shown. New set of brushes and a new bearing. Also comes with the...
  15. alcro1998

    10EE Find

    Can't say I am a fan of Tim. I have some experience in VFD lathe drives so am all set when I get around to it.
  16. alcro1998

    10EE Find

    Id be over it if I were you too. Thing is not nice and needs a full restore. Drive is a direct drive motor with 1 speed. I'll give it a restoration and new drive.
  17. alcro1998

    10EE Find