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  1. nzchairman

    Tredle lathes

    Treadle lathe Nice lathe and o good find. I have only a picture from this lathe it is a Tangye double gear gap bed with slide rest. Picture nr 3. Source; Amateur Work 1882. Have a look;Tangye | http://www.treadleit.info And have fun with the lathes. Bernhard
  2. nzchairman

    Narragansett treadle lathe

    Hi Mike, I scanned the page out of Cope's book. Hope this helps a bit. Bernhard
  3. nzchairman

    Probable upholstere's tool, I believe....

    Its for sheet metal work. Bending sheet metal. For upholstery the stretching pliers are at least 1 1/2 inch wide, other wise the material is not evenly stretched. I have seen one of those only once before. Bernhard
  4. nzchairman

    Very old treadle metal lathe ID??

    I had a good look at all treadle lathes i have on my site and can't find a match. This is a nice looking lathe of unknown origin, English Yes. The Britannia Company did not made a lathe like you have. The head/tail stock are totally different, and the drive is definitely not eccentric on those...
  5. nzchairman

    Barnes lathe mystery.

    Thanks for the reply guy's. I have to print out the poster to original size and hang it in my shed beside the barnes #4 lathe. Bernhard.
  6. nzchairman

    Barnes lathe mystery.

    I have now a sales poster from T.B. Rayl & Co with 16 Barnes machines advertised. The heading is "Barnes Foot Power machines", secured by ten patents. Picture1 This poster was photo-copied in six pieces, the original is about 65 X 55 cm. It had to be put together and photoshoped to make up for...
  7. nzchairman

    Churchill Machine Tool Co. History

    Thanks Peter and Kiwi Pete. Like it.
  8. nzchairman

    English Treadle Lathe?

    Hi Ed, For me it has a bit of Pfeil in it. The head and tail-stock stock look like my lathe. The hand screws to secure all things on the bed are like the Pfeil. Flywheel also, but the stand is nothing i have seen before. Also the treadle is different. Or maybe it is a Fenn ornamental lathe. One...
  9. nzchairman

    Antique machines and appliances

    Some pictures would be nice. Just so all of us can have a look at what you have for sale.
  10. nzchairman

    post drill in service

    That vice drill look neath.
  11. nzchairman

    post drill in service

    I have one as well and it works. there are 3 different drill bits with it. After cleaning it looks like the picture, its a Dawn made in Australia. Works like a treat.
  12. nzchairman

    Vendors Who Sell ROUND Belts

    There is Tony in the UK for the leather belts . Lathes Flat or round with the required clips. I have not used them but a friend had and he was very pleased with them. Bernhard.
  13. nzchairman

    Barnes Casting numbers question

    Thanks Timekiller, but it still does not give a clear idea if this combination saw is the real deal or a copy made here. maybe somebody can ad to the question. Bernhard.
  14. nzchairman

    Barnes Casting numbers question

    I have a question, did Barnes always put a casting number on all parts of their machines? Why do i ask this, i have a combination saw that looks like a Barnes combination saw but no casting numbers on any part. I have 2 other machines made by Barnes and they have all casting numbers. I try to...
  15. nzchairman

    Drummond UK Treadle Radial Drill

    I found a few interesting pictures about drills and mills, all treadle ones. From Birch an English firm. I also have a one ( drill) from The London lathe Tool Co but can't find the picture, have to go back into the scanned pages to find it. Both were in; The Amateur Workshop. from about 1900. I...
  16. nzchairman

    Musee d'arts et metiers visit pics (Paris, France)

    Thanks bikepete, I am planning a trip tp Europe for next year or maybe a year later . This will be on my list as a must to visit, and my wife likes these things most of the time as well. Thanks mate, like it.
  17. nzchairman

    D L Harris lathe. Springfield,Ma.

    Could you resize the first pictures please. My internet collapsed while loading up. This is a real problem for some of us, to big and you can't use the internet for the next half hour. Somebody please help. Bernhard.
  18. nzchairman

    O.T. Some fine old machinery

    I do go their with my grandson and he loves those steam engines me to. The guy who shovels the coal is so nice and talking to everyone and definitely the kids. Thanks for placing those very nice pictures.
  19. nzchairman

    Unknown Lathe

    Looks like it was a treadle lathe, but no name springs to mind for me. Hope this helps a bit.
  20. nzchairman

    Bonny Lathe Info

    Pictures are required to see what you have.