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    Christmas gifts / bonuses?

    You just made my day I use to think that the gift card I get was bad. Hope you enjoy your candy :D
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    OT- Theoretical speeding ticket related- what if you miss important flight or train ?

    You might be the next one saying "I can't breath"
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    The little things at work amuse me

    You should start singing: "Why can we be friends"
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    OT: Indian spacecraft orbits Mars.

    I am glad they got a aerospace program but when you have soooooo much poverty it just show the waste the government is capable of doing just to show off. We don't need more SPACE JUNK. Just my advice be prepare for more artificial shooting stars if you know what I meant.
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    Bad habits in the machine shop

    In our shop the air is so thick it require ceramic inserts to cut it :D
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    Bad habits in the machine shop

    :eek: Darn somebody just save a lot of money on psychologist
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    Bad habits in the machine shop

    Leaving the freaking chuck key on the chuck, also those guys that leave a royal mess on the machine under the excuse that their job is a rush job. I got one more. What about those that lock the shop tools on their box? (Tool holders and measuring tools)
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    American 19x102 engine lathe

    Not an expert but the last number after the serial in the photo is 62 I think that's the manufacturing year.
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    What is Aluminum Good For?

    Aluminum is good to get you a traffic ticket after you pass the red light hanging from the aluminum polls or the red or the red octagon made out of aluminum.
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    Pacemaker versus later American lathes.

    In our shop we got Pacemakers, Monarchs, Axelsons, Leblonds all of them from the 40's and 50's and honestly non of them have get the best maintenance or TLC and the 4 Pacemakers are the ones I like the best stiff,simple,quiet, speed selection when changing direction of the thread is required...
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    need a source for obsolete Mitutoyo parts-

    Mitutoyo Repair and Calibration :: Indicator Repair Service Darn it I can almost swear that the original thread didn't mention nothing about no love from long island or maybe I got in a hurry trying to help don't matter I am glad some of you guys got a good laugh out of my stupidity.:crazy:
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    Reality check - What % of hospitalization do you pay?

    Last week we got a letter from employer letting us know that our premium went up to 158.00 a week on family,dental 17.62 a week. They claim is 14,691 annual for family and they cover 6,465 plus some fees and taxes. After insurance,short and long term disability and some afflac is costing me in...
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    need a source for obsolete Mitutoyo parts-

    027 : Long Island Indicator Service : Sales, Repairs and Spare Parts I always get parts from them.
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    Math Course or Class for New Employee(s)

    With all respect, I believe that fractions and decimals are been teach to kids on elementary school all the way to high school. With that been said don't you just got your tax money waste on people that don't get it (Not mentioning the ones that didn't give a crap about learning it) also you...
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    Fight als with the #icebucketchallenge

    Been there seen that
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    CNC Programing School Online

    i know this is an old thread but i am really looking for some good advice about cnc online programing training. I really appreciate if somebody can point me in the right direction.
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    I guess you will call him FOREMAN'S PET

    I appreciate the suggestions of the recording, but one thing is having to heard the fecal material coming out of his mouth and another going to him and give him the freedom to speak his mind so I have material to record which may irritated me to the point that he end up recording his farts for...
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    I guess you will call him FOREMAN'S PET

    I have always respect older people in general I was raise that way and I really enjoy listening their history and stories and when it comes to machinist most of them ( EVEN THE GRUMPY ONES) are to me living legends. But this one in our shop have prove to be the exception to that rule is not the...
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    Vertical boring mill repair

    I am not Todd but I really want to see those pics. I been reading this thread is about time for show some of them
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    Bison cast iron chuck jaws: No machining on teeth or threads?

    That chuck spend the last 20 years in a corner or under a table,they probably grease the outer part but the thing rust and even got stock so they took it apart sandblasted the LIVING CRAP out of the jaws and found somebody they could VIOLATE with the price tag. Don't worries we got some that...