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    Dean Smith Grace Lathe Owners

    It's no issue if you're taking everything apart. Dad washed the QCGB on my Sidney 5 times before I tore it apart. Still tons of solvent cleaning. No rust on anything added.
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    Craigslist funny time!

    Honestly, I'd rather have a tight machine painted as rainbow as a pride parade than worn out junk. Unlike this "good" equipment. I had to message to ask which one is in good shape. Apparently it's the LeBlond. "Good". Ready to use. Why do folks lie like this? Who do they think...
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    Dean Smith Grace Lathe Owners

    I agree. Irks the hell out of me. I don't even like gap lathes, let alone one where you can't even get close to the chuck.
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    Part Failure: 3D Printed Titanium Handlebar at the Tokyo Olympics

    Have you printed Ti? I have. Sounds like you have no idea. Climbing gear is often made from Titanium. In fact, climbing anchors in salty environments are de-facto made from Ti. http://www.titanclimbing.com/Titan%20Climbing%20products%20-%20Eterna%20Titanium%20glue%20in%20bolt.html
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    Dealing with Mediocre CAD Files and Splines

    I'm a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and defense industry. Yes, they do like their splines and I understand them. We coat parts at work and I often have to make hard masking and tooling that is a close match. I rarely, if ever, have manufacturing drawings for these, but usually have decent...
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    Full tear down and Rebuild of a 10EE Round Dial

    Oof, that post was one gun punch after another... Very sorry to hear about... everything (other than the listas). I can't imagine how hard it would be to be in this hobby/profession with one hand. I'm a light stomache'd person for blood and guts, so I was ready to bitch at you, but you know...
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    Using diamond wheels on a tool post grinder?

    People make a bigger deal of it than I think it is. I ground approximately 10 thou off a 24" long shaft 1 3/8" in diameter. I fed towards the tailstock and cleaned the ways each time before going back. I kept a rag under when possible. Way wipers are good. I have yet to see any damage.
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    Black Eagle Precision tool post grinder

    I've used a couple Domores and a Thermac at work, and the latter is the only thing I would buy if I was in the market for one. Wow, it's so much better built and designed. I love the height adjustment, Domore is a joke in this regard.
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    Craigslist funny time!

    Yeah, you wouldn't want machines like this to be talked about on PM. Homeowner class garbage. I agree in general, a G4003 or round column mill shouldn't be on here. But that isn't all Grizzly sells. The South Bend lathes are perfectly OK machines. Not great, but what are you going to do in...
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    Two W&S no5’s inbound

    You can always do star start. Little bit of extra circuitry, but it's an option.
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    Two W&S no5’s inbound

    Lol. Says the man who outweighed them all with one single lathe! Then he doubled it in the same go!
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    Two W&S no5’s inbound

    Might have been easier if I got your long chain back to you. Whoops. :o