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    Featherweight 8" Straight Edge/Prism/Level/Parallel New and Improved!

    Very clever in the last picture to make that sly comment about the cook's size. But to each his own. I heard one comedian say he has nothing against a large woman - they're warmth in the winter and shade in the summer.
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    FS large(ish) 1” x 12’+ bandsaw blades cheap!

    With those tooth counts, they might be more popular on woodworking forums.
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    Properly applying blue

    I probably misunderstood the OP's situation then. I'd just assumed he/she was working on dovetail ways ("narrow spaces where you can't use a roller") and that taper referenced a tapered gib. My mistake.
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    Properly applying blue

    Can you be a little more explicit about how you use air gauging when scraping machine tool ways? I know it's a wonderful tool but I'm not sure how I'd set it up for this situation.
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    Granite Surface Plate Cutting

    Several years ago there was someone on the forum who described cutting up reinforced concrete at a harbor using a diamond wire saw. I can't remember the name but I remember the technique.
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    Properly applying blue

    You can make small applicators of wood with felt or leather facing. Here is one guy's solution.
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    lattice tower slope angle

    The way to think about it, it seems to me, is to get at least a rough idea of where the center of gravity is for the thing at the top. Then decide how much tip tolerance you want before it falls over. Drop a plumb from the side down to the floor and that gives you the spread of the feet. Trig...
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    I'm reminded of another anecdotal question years ago. Apparently there was a doctor writing an advice column for the counterculture kids in California back in the 70's. Someone had written in asking about something they had heard. Was it true that the size of a person's sneeze correlated with...
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    Turning a radius with skill?

    It doesn't have to be an accurate sphere or an accurate spherical socket. For the socket, the ID should be a bigger than the ball diameter but not a lot. Machine the socket wall to a reasonable wall thickness, then check the ball entry and cut the face back to maybe 1/16" taller than the point...
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    This thread seems to have wandered a bit off track. To refocus -- should we be talking about Johnny Depp's prostate?
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    LOL My doctor had done a fellowship at Mayo and told the story from the doctors' end. Some guys who arrived and considered themselves deserving of nothing but the best would insist on having their surgery done by the department head. What they didn't know was that the department head's claim...
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    Many years ago the surgery, prostatectomy, was always accompanied by erectile dysfunction afterwards. Then they worked out surgery techniques that preserve the nearby nerves, so if you elect for surgery make sure the surgeon knows the latest stuff.
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    Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    I was diagnosed fifteen years or so ago. I opted for surgery since the doctor pointed out that even after surgery, radiation was still an option. However, after radiation enough tissue is compromised that surgery isn't a second option. In my case there was no cancer detected outside the...
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    Anybody still use 2 flute end mills?

    Yes, they make a more accurate slot width. The deflection doesn't force another tooth into the sidewall.
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    Taper attachment vs horizontal offset of tail stock

    AND, you can't cut an internal taper on a workpiece in the chuck by using the tailstock offset.
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    How thick are Biax scraper blades?

    Don't forget that the blade mounting includes that rubber piece which introduces compliance. I'm guessing the the difference in action and feel is more from the length difference than the holder flexibility itself. A short stiff holder for muscling off material and a longer one for finesse...
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    OT- The story of Otto and Wilhelm Maisch and Maico motorcycles

    I met a guy whose family had significant oil revenue and there were apparently real differences of opinion in the family over things. He had a mediator on retainer who was supposed to be available any time, day or night, if the family needed him.
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    What do people do with a height gauge like this?

    Well, I wouldn't expect the square master to have the fine adjusting knob at the back. I suppose it is useful if you're out of square, but then the "master" part implies that it's an original reference. So. if you have a square reference, cylinder square or whatever, you could adjust the...