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    Solid Cam

    How do you know that? My experience has been the exact opposite. To date they have grandfathered pricing, and with inflation the cost has been effectively getting cheaper. The $312 seat I paid for in 2015 should now be over $400, but it's still the same. That's a 20% discount on a better...
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    Thread milling Gr5 Titanium

    Side tangent, sorry, but it seems like the original question is answered. @DAntonuccio, do you have any practical machining experience? Or did you just read the sales materiel? Not to be rude, but the Top Secret/Manhattan Project bit is a little over the top. Given the recent Congressional...
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    Thread milling Gr5 Titanium

    Where do you buy those? A quick search of the usual suspects shows $175, which seems a bit steep.
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    Thread milling Gr5 Titanium

    Welcome to the forum, maybe. This is sort of on topic and a live thread so you'll probably get away with it, but don't dredge up a bunch of 12 year old threads to talk about fluids...
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    Brother's conversational

    My first experience with CNC was using conversational programming on knee mills. Luckily I was being paid by the hour and not the job.... Never used Mazatrol, of the several I did use Centroid was probably the best, but absolutely no way I'd ever go back. For milling CAM of any species is...
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    Buy new or old machine? Brother TC-22A ?

    Could we get some more info? Like: What year and how many hours are on the machine? How's the condition? How much are they asking? What parts (size, material, and quantity) do you make? Any 3D surfacing?
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    Anyone try running a step down transformer in reverse to power a machine?

    Mine is one transformer with three phases, so maybe that's the difference. My confidence regularly outruns my competence with electricity.
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    Anyone try running a step down transformer in reverse to power a machine?

    I'm running one on an injection molding machine, works fine. It doesn't bang, but it does hum rather ominously. And the tranformer sucks up more amps idling than the mills do actually machining.
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    Haas VF-2SS undersized bosses

    Since this problem has been solved... Don't get mad, get even. Just wander about the forum dropping complaints about poor Chinese quality and how much you like living in the US. That's what made EG's hand started bleeding, too much patriotism on the forum.... Even though he was right on this...
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    VMC vs drill tap centers. New machine help

    To my understanding: Historically drill/tap machines were just that, adding threaded holes to stamped or extruded parts that didn't require machining. To that end they had fast positioning and tool changes at the cost of lower rigidity. Modern Robos and Brothers are much more capable of...
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    Tormach Endmill Tool Quality

    This one is half the price and should be much better quality: https://www.maritool.com/product_info.php?products_id=1579 And avoid the "T" word so your threads don't get locked....
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    Fusion 360 price increase question.

    I see your point, but to me the current "stripped out" version is on balance better than what it was in 2015. That's in usability and toolpaths, which is very subjective and might partially be me getting better at using the software. Also, if Autodesk adjusted for inflation the grandfather...
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    Realistic Revenue/Profit Goals

    "Revenue is vanity, Profit is sanity" @Garwood do you have any concerns on excess inventory, things that won't sell/don't sell as well as expected?
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    Under-size drilling for a tapped hole. Bad idea ?

    If you are after nice surface finishes use a thread mill. They always look better under a microscope than cut or form tapped threads.
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    Fusion and Lathes

    Many lathe guys are still using Finger CAM, way more than on the milling side. And that shows in the CAM/Post Processor side of Fusion. How are you programming now? I hand code most everything unless there's a some non-prismatic feature; then I'll use Fusion to output that tool path to be cut...
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    Help to navigate machining on a horizontal boring mill

    Member @Ox has a machine for sale that would probably do the whole thing in one set up, and is in budget to boot. But you'll need a cargo ship to get it to you.... maybe he'll run a couple prototypes? https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/full-5-axis-cnc-excello-408-hmc-hbm.352293/
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    Haas Mini Mill, how old is too old?

    Off topic, sorry, but an old timer told me about a 1982 Hardinge CHNC he bought new, and I think he said it was $82,000. But I might have misunderstood the year/price. Does that price sound plausible?
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    Haas Mini Mill, how old is too old?

    If you can stretch to $20k the machines are a lot nicer looking. Brother S2A-O 2006 S2A
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    Haas Mini Mill, how old is too old?

    I was wondering why you had 9" more than the available Y travel. Still, even a 10"x25" pallet plus parts is a whopper. Here's a couple 500mm machines on eBay, there seem to be more large Robos than Brothers. 1999 Brother $9,500 2002 Robodrill $5,500 To the OP, a tilt trailer and a pallet...
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    Why do you like Orange Vise?

    I made a set of 8" long Sierra Jaw carriers out of the extruded Carvesmart bar, works great. I haven't used the integrated Talon Jaw section in the carriers in years. I should block them off to keep chips out, but it doesn't interfere so it gets ignored. The justification for me is the ability...