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    Cutter comp on the contour isn't all its made out to be

    Which version of D4 do you have ? version one or version two . Version 2 has parameter programing and can do 1D, 2 , and 3D infeed moves after turning on the cutter comp.
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    Converting a non-Dialog FPNC machine to Dialog

    I don't know anything about the Hurco controls but the 3M is the same as the Dialog mechanically. Motors ,scales ball screws etc. The 3M has no hand wheels or the 90 deg. gearbox for the z hand-wheel ,or the switches the tell whether the hand-wheel is out or in. all that has to be moved as well...
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    Deckel FP3NC inspection / setup

    You will probably need parameters and canned cycles. The 3M doesn't have eproms. I think there is only 1 battery and it is in the power supply. Dave
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    Wanted ! ! !

    sorry for my delay. Been really busy give me a call 330 654-9264 I have one. Dave
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    Wanted ! ! !

    Parting a fp2nc Probably have one. Dave
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    Gear noise from interrupted cuts on FP2NC

    Hi all, I try to face mill with the horizontal spindle. It eliminates the vertical spindle gears. 45 degree lead in on your cutter is better than square.shoulder. Dave
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    Using M1 in a Dialog 4 program

    Hi all The Dialog control was never designed to be cam fed. it is a shop floor programmable operator adjustable cnc control. Actually one of the best I have ever run. Quit trying to get it into 2021 standards for speed and memory capability (which it was not built for) and use it for what is...
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    Code to stop spindle on Dialog 4? M05 equivalent

    If you just enter S0 without a + or - sign it doesn't put the spindle in neutral ,it just stops the same as an M5.. Dave
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    New Deckel owner over here... FP2NC

    I hope your knee is doing well. Mine has an fp3 table on it. It sits a little higher than an FP2 table and doesn't use the top bolt or slot. So an FP3 table will work. I am still deciding whether to keep the table or not. P.M. your email and I can send pictures. It also came with an FP2 full...
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    New Deckel owner over here... FP2NC

    I am parting out an FP2NC and have no use for a lot of the FP2 specific Stuff. I bought it for the drives and boards. When you get your shopping list together.Let me know. I was able to test all functions to reach the agreed price. After driving it across 2 states It has an Estop string issue. Dave
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    Wanted ! ! !

    Hi all, My FP4Nc has the Nc indexer using the fourth slot with a NZP board and displays on the c axis. My machine doesn't have the box. My uni- table displays on a separate Heidenhain readout.Model # VRZ560 It displays in degrees, minutes and seconds or 3 place decimal degrees. the table is...
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    Tell me all about the Deckel CNC 3M control

    I like the 3m it vectors to position and is faster in production runs than the d4. ( I have both) It Programs like Fanuc controls. It's limited memory storage can be a problem at times. if you use the subroutines and canned cycles it is fine It is every bit as capable as a D4 machine in accuracy...
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    Soft start for fp4nc

    Is your machine in speed range 2 or 1? Is the run from your converter longer or has smaller gage wire? Are the transformer taps set on the +5%? Dave
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    NC index head stock No. ST50/ ST40

    The D4 manual has the specs and mounting instructions. It has a A2-6 taper(stub taper DIN5502 Size6)with a three and a 4 hole tapped face and either a ST50 or an ST40 i.d. taper with a draw bar. It also has a hydraulic clamp that automatically clamps after a position move or clamp or unclamp by...
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    NC index head stock No. ST50/ ST40

    Lego, You need more than the Bosch boards to use the indexer. You need a card to plug into the counter board and to match the settings under it (The 7 cross overs behind the blue connector . I assume the new machine has it. The counter board is #03315 and the plug in one is #03390. If it...
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    NC index head stock No. ST50/ ST40

    Lego, Page 7-56 in the operators manual has instructions for the C axis display. It is parameter #406. the setting is S10101100 to turn on the C axis and S00101100 to turn it off. I have a NCT 400 on my 3M. I haven't tried the NC indexer on my 3M only on my D4 machines Hope this helps. Dave
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    For Sale ! ! !

    I have the same head. It is driven off the horizontal spindle and uses S3 in mode 16 It has a r.p.m.range of 50 to 5000. Each spindle has an adjustable quill to adjust for tool length differences up to 20mm (3/4"). The spindles are 250mm apart(9.842") allowing to machine fairly large parts 3 at...
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    Deckel control emulator

    II also have a 3M on my FP3NC with NCT400 table. I think they did offer a larger memory as an option. I have the 14k one. I don't think there is a dnc upgrade but check with DD. Are you using the canned cycles and subroutines? Do you use parameter programming? I do a lot of 4 axis machining and...
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    What to look out for?

    I would also advise you to look carefully inside the electrical enclosure. All wiring should be in the tracks with the covers on. It shouldn't smell like burnt wiring or components. The wires should look very neat and orderly. If they don't and it looks like spagetti inside,someone has been...
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    Deckel FP4MA in practice

    Nice short cut. Great to see someone still programming on the shop floor and adapting the canned cycles to their needs. Dave