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  1. J

    Rivett 608 - is this a parts machine or not missing too much?

    For the most part the accessories are swappable between a 8" precision and a 608, the biggest exception is the first few 8"precision lathes actually had a bed shape like the 504 with the outside angle instead of the interior angle, but a standard saddle plate matches these accessories. Some...
  2. J

    Mystery milling attachment for Stark (?) Lathe

    I sent you a DM, depending on where you are in NH I can swing up and bring a cross slide and saddle plate, which I think will match your machine so we can see if it works or not. If the rivett mill fits on top of your bed snugly then it should be exactly the saddle plate you need. I'm more...
  3. J

    Mystery milling attachment for Stark (?) Lathe

    Also of interest, it appears that the cut off tool holder you have is also rivett not stark. That's pretty definitely a rivett forming slide tool holder. The stark orignals were blocky, those nice swept curves are from the Rivett castings they used on the early precision 8 =)
  4. J

    Mystery milling attachment for Stark (?) Lathe

    Hrm, interesting. I cant tell 100% for certain, but it appears to have been designed to be used either on a 608 carriage base or with a saddle adapter. I have a rivett saddle adapter I believe is compatible with the 60 series , as well as a compound that came with it, which I don't believe...
  5. J

    Mystery milling attachment for Stark (?) Lathe

    it certainly does look rivett manufacture, if you have a photo of the underside of the compound section itself I could tell you more, as they had several incompatible lines of lathe bed shapes. I do not have a stark slide, or i'd trade in a minute =D I have extra rivett slides but i don't...
  6. J

    Free Lathe on CL

    That's a 'rise and fall' cross slide, which they stopped making around the turn of 1900, you crank up the end to center your cutter. They were used before lantern toolpost holders became common. The features on it look like it might be a Flather lathe, although the handles on the back end of...
  7. J

    Free Lathe on CL

    It's got a taper attachment sitting underneath it too. I've both no room for it nor a way to move it, but I hope that someone saves it from the scrappers.
  8. J

    When were steel castings first viable?

    Unfortunately I do not have a copy of Steel Making Before Bessemer, but i do have K C Barraclough's other book, Sheffield Steel, if you want to borrow it, Joe. It's mostly pictographical but it follows shefield steel from it's early days up through bessmer process
  9. J

    Oerlikon Radial Drill

    I say get it, these Oerlikon machines are more than just a drill, they've got an actual spindle for akward milling and machining tasks.
  10. J

    "ZEWO" Manufacturing Works radial drill press

    Nice picture and a neat bit of history! I've got a Zewo radial arm drill that I'm thinking of selling... though I'm not sure what to ask for it =P I just don't use it enough. It's awesome because it's bench top sized (albiet you need a sturdy bench since it's over 400lbs) but I've got a...
  11. J

    Saving a Springfield

    this has been a fantastic journey to watch for the last few years! It makes me feel like the minor restoration i've done of most of my machines is just a hack job =D Cant wait to see you making chips and using it to its full potential !
  12. J

    3D Printing as a Tool to Sustain our Old Machines

    actual direct 3d printing of metal parts is still a long ways out from being financially feasible for most of us, but printing molds for casting is a great way to take advantage of the technology. Most of what you see out there as '3D printed metal' is powdered metal in resin with the resin...
  13. J

    Interesting on Craigslist in Rochester NY

    As mentioned above, that was an aftermarket kit that was able to be purchased. There is also an aftermarket kit for another step pulley that goes out to the side to turn the craftsman king seeley drill presses into 3 pulley speed control instead of the factory 2.
  14. J

    Baby Power Hammer

    I'd love a little 30lb self contained like that. You can do a lot of work with one!
  15. J

    Steam hammer acquired...

    Badass Salem. Cant wait to see that thing up and running! I know Ric Furrer is still trying to sell his 1000lb steam hammer last I heard, but transportation is the killer with one that size. It's the reason the really big hammers, like the nazel 4B and larger, and the big erie and niles...
  16. J

    VFD with Pratt Whitney 10” engine lathe to bypass broken back gear?

    drilling and threading in a row of pins and filing them to shape tends to be the easiest durable solution without having to braze metal on, and you can find lathes with teeth fixed that way in use for decades after the repair without any problems. Based on what I see, it's the method I'd...
  17. J

    Burke 126A spindle collet adapter dimensions?

    You've got a Burke #4 The spindle is B&S #9 the vertical head (which was an optional accessory) was 3C It was possible to use 3C collets with the spindle but you need a B&S9 to 3C adapter.
  18. J

    incomplete Rivet 8 / 608 value (looking to buy)

    If it's a precision 8 (pre 608 designation) it's also possible that it's 4OS collets, in which case if you dont already have the collets i wouldnt buy it at all except as a parts machine to use with another rivett lathe. 4OS collets are rare enough that you'll probably find a better machine...
  19. J

    Barnes tool post wrench

    Just took a proper photo. The only photoscale i have is for archaeology stuff so its' in cm, so i dropped a ruler on top.
  20. J

    Barnes tool post wrench

    I have the factory original wrench with my Barnes lathe. here's a photo of it sitting ontop of the tool post.