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    Contact cleaner a word of warning

    I'm pretty careful about that stuff. I had a guy with real funny ideas about cleaning parts. It was hard to break him from sneaking in carb cleaner he'd bought. It's a sickening smell so he couldn't ever hide it during use. Later I picked up a 1 gal acetone can at his bench and poured some into...
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    Best approach to assigning part numbers?

    The worst case of descriptive part numbers I've seen is a customers renumbering of their succint old somewhat mnemonic system. Some of the old system remains but part numbers are now very long (up to 20 characters) with no dashes or spaces of any kind. Up to 8 zeroes in a row. God I hate...
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    Best approach to assigning part numbers?

    All my part numbers are created in the accounting software as inventory items. No duplication possible and easy to sort/search. This also allows building BOMs when the inventory items are assigned to an assembly. Part program numbers are created and saved the same way. Fixtures the same with a...
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    Selecting iron for brake drums

    Is this gonna be a driver or a looker?
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    Adjusting a set-true type chuck info

    Working in various shops nobody I've seen loosens the mounting bolts on smaller chucks. Regardless of what the manual says. On bigger ones, maybe 15" plus, seems you gotta loosen the bolts to get any movement. I think the bolts are flexed sideways when the chuck is adjusted. How tight should...
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    Vertical Lineshaft Driven Mill

    Yeah. Back in the day they were bare as Pamela Sue Anderson's behind.
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    Vertical Lineshaft Driven Mill

    Line shaft shops were around for a lot of years. I've always wondered how commonplace related injuries were. Seems hella dangerous if you lose focus for a moment.
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    Nylon Tube Melting Where Riding on Steady Rest

    Aligned or not, those slick rollers are slipping. Can you grit blast them or add a knurled sleeve? Either way you'll probably have to slow the workpiece rpm.
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    Customer changing delivery date on existing PO

    Seems that way. I hate to be cynical, but they've taught me to be wary of such. I've known folks who were great to deal with, and only found out later they were big church people. More power to 'em. OTOH, the ones that wear that on their shirt sleeves and brag about it have not been so good...
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    Help! Help! Middle of Job '54MG10EE spindle cycles on/off

    Yet again I'm able to keep my 10EE running almost solely because of advice on this forum! I had the same cycling on/off issue and also found the 2000 ohm resistor open. Not surprising it was probably original judging by the condition. Although the two 1600 ohm resistors checked ok they were...
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    Customer changing delivery date on existing PO

    We used to do work for a "christian" company. They felt the need to make that known. Over half the time the buyer would cancel an order we were already 1/2 way through. They "found the parts cheaper", so FU. No worries on our end. With the cancellation charge we made more than if we finished...
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    Face or turn?

    Turn for that amount of stock. Especially if you are chucking on the shallow side. How'd you wind up with that much stock? We had a customer that supplied sawn blanks with a length to diameter ratio less than 1. They always left at least .25 stock, and that .25 was crooked as shit. What a PITA...
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    Whatzit....foundry patterns?

    Think you mighta just created your own tavern. Just add beer and friends.
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    100 RPM or 100 SFM and 080/rev? Firgive me, but it's not clear to us that you understand this stuff. Whether RPM or SFM, 100 is too fast for 4140 Q&T. At 3" diameter and 45 SFM, the RPM = 57 57 SFM = (3.82 x 45)/(3" dia) At 100 RPM you'll burn up the tool. At 100 SFM you'll burn up the tool...
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    Splitting hairs here, but 12/pi is about 3.82, which is what I use. 4 is really close enough. 4"dia at 100 sfm = 100 rpm so easy to figure different sizes in your head.
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    Problem turning 4140 with HSS bits

    Do you know how to figure appropriate rpm for material and diameter?
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    Keyway cutting inline on timed sprockets

    Mill a shallow notch the width of the key in the fsce of the hub, in alignment with a tooth or space or however you need in both sprockets. .03 deep will do. Use a shop made step key to align the bushing slot with the notch. Drop a bit of super glue where the bushing meets the hub. The glue only...
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    Do lathes get jealous?

    Does this big change gear make my ass look fat?