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    Brother Speedio Spindle choice?

    Andy quoted me the third one, and if had any money, I would have bought it. I think they were priced around 120, but that third one would have been a steal at the quote price if I had money or brains.
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    Face or turn?

    Before I had a CNC lathe, I used to purchase these. Now that I am turning them myself, I'm learning things. The part finishes at 1.06 wide. I ordered 1-1/4" long pucks to make them since I can't material handle a bar of that diameter into my saw. I received the pucks and they were...
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    Face or turn?

    I have a part made from HT 4140. 4-1/4" dia. After working the front, the part is flipped and all extra material needs to come off. That is about 0.350 in Z and from 4-1/4" down to 1.18 hole thru the middle. So, should I take multiple facing cuts down to center line, or take short OD turning...
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    Can you have some of the material sticking out of back of cnc lathe?

    I can't disagree more than this Ox. On the death I experienced with one employee was due to trying to save a little time. He needed 5 more parts that were 1/8" long. Rather than go saw off 6" to hold and make the parts, then toss the rem, he thought he could get by with it hanging out. Sadly...
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    Is this a prank? Mitee-bite ID expansion clamp recommended feed rates...

    Remember guys, he is trying to machine the clamp. He isn't looking for production.
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    Can you have some of the material sticking out of back of cnc lathe?

    I had a guy die, literally in my arms laying on the ground after getting hit by a bar sticking "just 18" out the back of the lathe. This was 17-4 SS, 1" dia. It bent it just like that picture up there, little more than 45 degrees. I think that was limited to 3600rpm Pummeled the guy...
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    Is compensating for tool wear a "thing"?

    as the tool gets slightly more dull while cutting, it will increase the cutting pressure. However the finish can still be fine. So an adjustment of .001" to bring it back in tolerance is quite common.
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    Achieving seamless profile when contouring on secondary operation

    Wasting/ Utilizing extra material to hold on to parts is a hard concept. I had a part I could make from 3/4 x 2 alum. It finished at .709 thick and 1.8 ish wide. Very efficient use of material. Now I switched over to a different method and make the part from 3/4 x 2-1/2 but do four at a...
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    Why do you like Orange Vise?

    I bought 6 of the 4.5" wide Orange double vises before they discontinued them. Then I bought one of the 6" double vises so that I don't have to use a Kurt any more. I do have a set of 4" Kurt double vises that were reground as a set about 6 years ago. When I bought my speedio, I set those...
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    Milled boss tolerance vs milled interpolated hole tolerance deviation

    Any way you can back that down to a 10 or 12mm diameter cutter?
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    Doosan NHP4000 Intermittent Bad Parts From Same Program.....

    I'm telling you, try using the exact fixture and program, just with a down cutting flute design. It will force the part flat down in those corner where the clamps are furthest away. How come nobody listens to the hound?
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    VMC Purchase Input (sub $100k budget)

    Economy seems to be roaring right along. Not many auctions around Portland area.
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    Walrus Coolant Pumps

    Many companies sell things FOB ( Free On Board) which means that location stated is where ownership changes. So if you buy something FOB Alabama, and you live in California, once the shipping company picks up the parcel, it is considered your property, not the shippers. If you want insurance...
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    Modular indexable cutters

    My logic says a 1" round shank indexable end mill mounted into a holder is just as, if not even less rigid than tightening one of the replacement indexable heads directly into the CT40/BT30/??? They make sense for me because you really can't get a 1" shank into a BT30 holder unless you really...
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    Modular indexable cutters

    I use these. https://www.maritool.com/Mill-Tool-Holders-BT30-Threaded-Body-Modular-Holders/c23_33_452/p19330/BT30-M10-Threaded-Body-Modular-Tool-Holder-2.0%22/product_info.html Then screw on a Sandvik style R390 insert cutter. I usually use this as a small face mill, however just yesterday...
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    Doosan NHP4000 Intermittent Bad Parts From Same Program.....

    It sure looks like that right hand side is lifting and rattling around. Everything on the right side looks worse than the left and has large jumps on a light cut. Makes me think the plate is flopping around a bit. Try a down cutting end mill and see if you still have problems. Oh, and that...
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    Long reach stability and how to get it.

    Yeah David, it is 150 mm or 5.9" from table to rotary center, and I need 5" clearance to rotate without having to move off sideways. So that is 10.9" out of 12" used on the Z axis. It takes a little fooling around but I think I got it. Just received my 120mm long holder so I can go try a full...
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    Long reach stability and how to get it.

    Now that I am back at work on Monday, I can show you what my set up looks like. I think I have it complete, but still waiting on my 120mm reach SK 10 holders. Should be here inside of 2 hours.
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    Long reach stability and how to get it.

    I started with making one part. Then added another at 180*. Now I'm working to get all four locations on the mini tombstone to all clear each other. Currently I only have SK10, not 16 on my extended length holders. I have a pair of Nikken BT30 90mm projection and another pair of 120mm...
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    Long reach stability and how to get it.

    I'm working on a fixture and it requires some cuts with a 1/4" dia x 1.0 LOC 3 flute carbide endmill. The problem is getting down to the feature to cut it and not crash the spindle into the top of another part on the fixture. All done on a BT30 speedio. My options are as follows. 1) Use a 4"...