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    Mikron WF40C with Heidenhain TNC145

    Hello everybody; I got me a Mikron WF40C with some problems. Bosch servo drive is missing, nothing on the screen, no numbers on the "DRO" from the TNC145. I got to a point that the Heidenhain control and screen are working again. Now a next problem is that the parameters are gone. Can anyone...
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    heidenhain VRZ 713B DRO question

    Hello all, A few days a ago I visited a friend who has a Weiler Matador. He said it was a nice machine, only sad that the scale from the X axis (diameter) was broken. I told him I had some scales that I didn't need anymore. So I took a scale that worked and shortened it. It works nice but there...
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    Black & Decker valvemaster Type FE manual

    Hello, I found a Black & Decker valvemaster, type FE. There are a lot of accesoires with the machine, including the valve seat grinder. There is no manual with the machine. Is there anybody who has a digital scan of this manual that he wants to share with me? The belts are also bad or missing...
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    bridgeport right angle attachment on iso30 taper

    Hello, I know that they are not compatible. If I see videos on youtube on these attachments the R8 version has a R8 type connection on the quill side that you have to fix with the drawbar and then lock the body on the quill (I think). This attachment has a straight input shaft with a key. So I...
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    bridgeport right angle attachment on iso30 taper

    Hello, I have a Bridgeport with iso 30 taper. I found a right angle attachment and a quillmaster for sale. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the mounting of the R8 and the iso 30 version? Do you have to insert a taper piece in the tooltaper before you mount the attachments...
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    Beginner Hobby Machinist Looking at These 2 Mills. Can anyone tell me about them?

    I bought my 1988 (ex school) Bridgeport for under 1500 dollar (1200euro). it has chromed ways with no wear, no wear on the nuts or spindels. I only had the motor rewound (3X220 to 3X380V) and some small bits and pieces (1 crank and scale and the small handwheel for the quill). It has power feed...
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    Bridgeport series 1 riser

    Hello, Can anyone give me a drawing from a Bridgeport series 1 riser? Here in Belgium they are impossible to find so I would want to make one. I could disassamble the machine and measure everything and tnan make one but that would mean I will have to disassamble the machine twice. ps: it is...
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    Lathe and Mill Way Lubrication

    Hello aanscharius, where do you live? I am interested in your automation plans. Do you have a celtic lathe?
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    Anti-sieze compound types and uses

    We almost always use Loctite LB8013 (N7000) on thread connections (all metals and temperatures). never had an issue with it.
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    Wohlhaupter UPA boring head connection

    great, this is what I need. thank you
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    Wohlhaupter UPA boring head connection

    Thank you for the video. I'm looking for the specifications of the screw you use in the video. Left or right hand thread, size, differance in lead. thx
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    Wohlhaupter UPA boring head connection

    Hello all, I have a Wohlhaupter UPA boring head with the wrong cone on it. I would like to change it to my standard cone. I have seen the following thread: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/general/wohlaupter-upa3-boring-head-shank-removable-267389/ I think it would be possible to use the...
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    Why the Inch system is superior to the metric system for fine measurement

    Hello all, very strange conversation I think. I live in Belgium so we use metric. For me it is logic and simple, probably because I grew up with it. Recently I made some parts by following inch drawings. of course I have to recalculate the values because I have no inch measuring devices.It...
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    Anilam microwizard

    thank you for the info, I will test this tomorrow!
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    Anilam microwizard

    Hello, I got a Anilam microwizard dro for free and mounted it on my lathe. Now it appears that the diameter display is counting in the wrong direction. If I move the cutter towards the center, the number on the display increases. Can I change this on the controller or do I have to rotate the...
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    fagor 8025 ma error 64

    I am sure I can not help you fix your problem but I have buddy who had a lathe with a Fagor controller on it. At a certain moment he started to have big problems with the controls, the battery died and all of the settings where gone, the machine came with a disc with the "original" settings on...
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    Stories of visits to great manufacturing facilities

    Hello, I work in different powerplants in Belgium (everything but nuclear) and we have some big turbines, pumps, fans and motors. We have a 13.000 Cu V12 gas motor, a turbo gas expander running at 15000RPM. All great machines to work on. I have visited some big and very interesting machining...
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    Syderic boring head

    Hello, Has anyone any experience or information about a boring head marked Syderic No 20? I found the tool in a old stock, looks like never used but is without information or documentation Thanks
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    Vise preferences?

    I have a OML modular vise with pull down jaws and a qiuck change clamping jaw. Very very very happy with it. very accurate in use and contruction. on the expensive side for me but worth every euro
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    Celtic (Mondiale) 14 lathe controls

    Hello, I live very close to the Mondiale factory. Is the search for bearings urgent? Send me your serial number, and a picture from the lathe and will go to the factory and ask for the bearing type. if they don't want to give it to me, I will ask for the price of a bearing set. greetings Pieter