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    IMTS or EMO?

    Do they not still run the shuttle busses to affiliated hotels downtown? Stayed at the convention hotel once. Was great during the day, but sucked at night because you had to go into the city to eat. Stayed in the city all the other times and shuttled to the convention center each day. Took...
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    2" annular cutter going partway through material

    A halfway sharp cutter should have no problem cutting that. Are you applying enough coolant? Those things cut a lot better with coolant. I'd hazard a guess that you've hit a mechanical limit somewhere. Either in your pilot or the stroke of the drill. That pipe isn't going to flex. Take...
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    Good Deal Stomp Sheer?

    I'd be real curious as to how the pedal broke. The pedal can be replaced easy enough. I'd be more curious if they were trying to cut something when the pedal broke. Hey, they're asking $100. I'd probably offer $60 and settle for $80. The art deco legs alone are probably worth that to some...
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    IMTS or EMO?

    I can't vote since I haven't been to EMO, but I have been to IMTS repeatedly. If all your looking for is a simple lathe, you may walk the whole show and never see one. Manufacturers bring out their latest gizmo machine with all the bells & whistles for the show. If it is a plain machine...
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    Machine Shop Aesthetics

    I don't associate aesthetics with comfort. I fully support ergonomics. You already said the shop had LED lighting. That's usually sufficient. I don't associate aesthetics with cleanliness. 5S, organization, work flow, etc. isn't something solved by aesthetic improvements. It sounds like...
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    HSS support calculators

    I don't see anything related to 5" x 5" 3/8 wall tubes 36" long with 1" plates welded to them that pertains to the provided picture or drawing. But from your written description, it sounds like you just need some supports to hold up that heavy part on the fixture table. Sounds like what you...
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    Machine Shop Aesthetics

    I'd keep my nose out of it. Don't fix what ain't broke. If you want to see morale and moods go up, take some of remodeling budget and put it into wages.
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    CNC Fixture Storage and Organisation?

    What is the problem with your jig organization now? Is it just cluttered? Do you have trouble finding what you are looking for? Do you have trouble matching a specific jig or fixture for a certain part? How many users are there for the jigs? Identifying locations is one thing. Identifying...
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    HSS support calculators

    How is it supporting a load again? Are you hanging something from it? Straight down? Is this 1" plate attached to something substantial above it? Gimme a napkin sketch or something.
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    Bleak future for Yellow Freight?

    That would make sense to me since Ball also does aerospace work.
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    powder mixed with water to harden into filler for iron porosity

    What you want is called Belzona. www.belzona.com
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    The Rottler Manufacturing Story

    Had a lot of experience with a Rottler F99Y about 10 years ago. It was a great light duty boring machine. Perfect for block work. The operator interface was basic, yet sufficient. The computer was nothing but a Dell tower stuck inside the cabinet. 3rd shift supervisor called me one night...
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    Chasing Thousands

    What happened here? That's some pretty serious carnage.
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    Flange torque specifications

    Torque specs are a guess when there's a gasket involved.
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    Shop Pet Peeves

    Not winding the extension cords or air hoses up. I mean for pete's sake they're on a mounted auto rewind reel. Just tug them a little and let them go.
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    Custom Wrenches

    I need to make some custom wrenches. Open end. 2" and 2 3/4" sizes. Would typically use a crows foot on a pull handle, but I don't have the side clearance in this case. The nut needs to be tightened to 400 ft lbs. My basic plan laser cut plates for the wrench with dowel pin holes, then...
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    What's the general feel in manufacturing? Recession?

    We sell 99% of our products to government entities. We're setup to have a booming year. However, most of the setup is because our supply chain can't keep up with our orders. A lot of backlog we have now is still left over from Q4 2022. It seems like our orders are slowing. Jerome seems...
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    Hiring a machinist from one of your customers

    It wouldn't slow me down from hiring them. They applied to your position on their own free will? Sounds like they were looking to leave anyway. Would you be pissed if they went to work for one of your competitors instead of you? Knowing you needed a machinist and you would have loved to...
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    I think a drag race is where that picture is from. Let's all gross 120,000 lbs, start from a dead stop, and see who can get to the top of the hill the quickest.
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    Storing machined parts between OPS or when transporting off site for finishing

    Our powder coat guy wraps everything in white foam padded sheeting. It must be cheap because he uses a ton of it. Never any scratches.