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    W.F. Barnes & Co lathe for sale in UK auction

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    Sajo Sweden PF-53P

    Sajo horizontal I had a very similar Sajo horizontal, typical Swedish machine - good quality and very reliable. Mine might have been a smaller model, it was 40int. in the spindle. Also mine was a Universal, the table swivelled, a very useful feature. Power feeds on all three axis, hand rapid to...
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    Are you being told the truth about Global Warming?

    I started an Afghan thread, I have just asked Hanermo why it was closed so quickly.
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    Afghanistan sucess or failure?

    For NATO, US, UK, et al, it's over, for women and girls in Afghanistan it's just starting. Taliban marrying teenage girls forcibly to the militants of the group - Al Arabiya Post
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    Afghanistan sucess or failure?

    Taliban enter Kabul, await '''peaceful transfer''' of power
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    Granite surface plate lapping

    Surface plate lapping First thing is to buy two more plates the same size.
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    weight of ruhla FUW 250 / 710, ruhla [thiel] duplex 58 or 159

    Ruhla mill Mark, I'm here in Portugal & happy to help you get going. I have lots of toolholders, cutters, etc., etc., just ask if you want me to come across. Ray.
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    Pratt & Whitney 2A comes to Doozer's Shop

    3B I used 3B in Israel, 1974 to 1977, in a small air conditioned unit inside a machine shop that covered several acres. Had a SIP No.6, a Schaublin 53, and a Maho in there as well. The 3B had a 30 inch P&W rotary table permanently on the machine, it was as accurate as a ten inch sine bar...
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    Small tubing to shoot bullets used by Israeli assasination squad?

    Israeli weapns More potent question, what was the weapon used in the recent assassination in Iran of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh?
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    OT - the future of work?

    half a tonne of aluminium? As just an aside, with the jokes about "made from billet," apparently each of our 330 million in the US uses an average of half a metric ton of aluminum. In a lifetime?
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    Slavery under Spain tim9Lives - "FWIW...not all slavery was the same. Spanish slavery in Florida where the Spanish settled America was totally different. It was indentured servitude in all honesty. After ten years by Spanish law the slaves were freed. And families could never be separated...
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    Beginnings of a Machine shop. Victoria V2

    V2 I had an identical machine for many years, my only vertical mill for some time. The quill movement is only a few inches but very useful with the handwheel control. Had problems with the y axis/cross feed nut housing coming loose, had to re-drill and dowel the bracket, it is a bit of a weak...
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    Fucked up a job...time for a fix and some humble pie

    Fucked up He who makes no mistakes makes nothing.
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    Fred Dibnah Steeplejack

    These towers came down this year, right in the middle of where the industrial revolution got going - Ironbridge cooling towers demolition: Watch the dramatic moment iconic power station chimneys collapse | London Evening Standard
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    Need to order tools? Taps and Dies, Reamers & Milling Cutters | Tracy Tools Ltd UK "DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS WE WILL DO OUR UTMOST TO DESPATCH ALL ORDERS PLACED ON-LINE."
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    The real Leigh has died

    The real Leigh So sorry to hear that news, he was a stalwart of this forum, knowledgeable, always polite and lived up to his name as the real thing. RIP Leigh.
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    Blast from the past - Brexit

    QUOTE- Norfolk is not a town,it is a city,more info to aid your learning. Cam, I'm sure you must know but - Norfolk is a county, Norwich is our provincial capital.
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    Greenland - for sale? LOL

    Ask Mrs Clarke.
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    Construction of Atommash

    Fascinating. Next week a Facebook expert will be explaining how you can laser print the same items in the very near future.
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    Axial piston diesel on craigslist. What is it?

    Look for book called The Knife and Fork Man, it's the story of Redrups life and his inventions.