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    Freeing up a stuck spindle nut

    It's probably 1/2-13 Left hand
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    Interference fit bearing - thin shavings from press fit

    Do not just chamfer the bearing but rather grind or machine a 6-10 degree lead. Eugene
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    Need help finding special molding goo for measurement of recessed surface feature

    Cerrolow 117 (Bolton 117) – Bolton Metal Products Eugne
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    Looking to buy a diamond cup wheel...nobody publishes catalogs anymore

    National Diamond Laboratory - Manufacturers of Fine Diamond Tooling Eugene
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    Help with how to make a particular measurement

    One more way to determine "h" dimension. You would need to buy one ball, the size of which would be a radius of at least as small as the minimum hemisphere radius that you think you have. You would have to be sure that it locates on the transition point of the radius and the "thru hole" If it...
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    Parker Majestic #2 table drive issue

    Attach a heavy Kan't Twist clamp to the ends of the tapes and let them hang over the ends of the saddle. Eugene
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    radius angle dresser size

    Can you post a drawing or an example of what you're grinding? There may b other choices of tooling. Eugene
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    Inspecting 4” shallow bore

    Make a gauge like this. I've exaggerated the leadin angle. It doesn't have to be as severe. Mount the gauge upright and lower the part onto it. Hold the part with gloves so as not to induce temperature change. Reverse the part to check for excessive taper. Eugene Eugene
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    Sunnen dial bore gage

    When I still was in the working world Sunnen had a leasing option for the gages. I don't know whether it's still true. Eugene
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    Good tool dip seal?

    Transparent & Clear Plastic Coatings, Melting Tanks & Wax Melters: Dip Seal Plastics: Rockford, IL Eugene
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    Tolerance on Fillet Radius

    I see nothing wrong in reminding a customer about stress risers. No need for arguments. He could become your best customer. Or not. Eugene
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    Tolerance on Fillet Radius

    Do you work directly for the customer? Ask and receive a marked up print. Do you work for a boss? Ask and make him initial the print. This question has been bandied about in every shop that I worked in. There is no official answer that I'm aware of. Demand a marked up or initialed print. It's...
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    Brake controlled truing device wheels

    To add to Bob's info, this from the Norton catalog. Eugene
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    radius of a given chord question

    You can use a spreadsheet and make X/Y movements with your saddle and cross feed. Note: X/Y refers to algebra, not machine axes......Eugene
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    wow, didn't realize - wiping off the mag chuck

    Bob, I fear your shop rag comment may be misunderstood. Gene
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    How to inspect this feature? Arc on part with center off some distance

    A rotary table on a vertical mill with a DRO is good for this. Even better with an XY slide on top.
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    Need help with truing device!!

    These come in motorized form also Abrasives & Finishing > Dressing Tools > Truing Tools | Adjustable Speed Brake Controlled Truing Device Model 4597 | MH63BT095350
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    How do I grind this?

    Are you referring to a surface grinder? Gene
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    Removing 4mm thick brake plates from magnetic chuck of a ring grinder

    Lay a piece of clean, dry, unused paper between your ring and the magnetic chuck. Copy or tablet paper will do fine. The ring will be parallel within a couple of tenths if the paper is not wrinkled. Gene
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    Best Option to OD Grind on a Harig 612

    For centerless grinding look for a Ded-True or a Centron. Gene