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    Rivett 4NS 608 Restoration - A Little Rivett Eye Candy

    WOW !! I think that might look nicer that it did new! Very impressive !
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    Very nice,it looks like you done an exceptional job and took pride in your work!
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    San Diego ABC affiliate : "People line up to legally make untraceable guns"

    If memory serves me right (it does sometimes).You cannot use an existing registered action and modify and remove the ser.#.It has to be a new made by you action and then kept for your self. I'm not positive but I don't think you can give it as a gift.
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    What causes corrosion in copper pipe?

    In my experience electrolysis shows up as pitting,erosion shows up as a smoother wear.fluid moving threw pipes always causes an electrical field and if there is any conductivity to the fluid you can get electrolytic action such as any well water with a few minerals in it.(plastic isolater's maybe)
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    I wish I had an extra 100K for this lathe!

    Beautiful machine,must have been used in a lab or inventors office,never seen one that fancy before!
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    Can anyone identify these?

    One on the right looks like an old hand driven wood planer feed drive.
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    Aluminum threads stripped on tractor HST case

    I say a helicoil seen them held in place with permatex gasket material.you can get a new filter with the same gasket diameter and 7/8" or 1" hole.Pretty fast and easy!
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    Unknown machine tooling

    Automatic indexer maybe for gears,has adjustable friction plate.
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    Screw ups at work... how long will employer put up with it.

    I think the best thing to do would be to talk things over with your boss and get advise from him or her.They usually have a better understanding of your ethic's than you might think and could help you.If they don't care then your work environment might be part of your problem!
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    Repair of tablesaw crosscut fence flip stop (photos) question

    Sound's like your idea is the easiest and most practical fix.And you can be back to work in no time.
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    Caliber engraving on barrels, what do you use?

    It can be done by metal engraving,but that is quite an art to make it look good!
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    Help building drilling jig / fixture

    I'm a red neck that sound's too complicated to me. I'd just make a jig to use a spring center punch to mark hole area and drill with a cordless.I like tenth's.:D
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    Hardinge cataract colettes?

    Thank you Larry that has cleared some confusion for me.
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    Hardinge cataract colettes?

    Is the Hardinge Cataract 3c Colette standard or a special Hardinge size? I'm referring to the original little vertical mill.Thanks for any help.
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    OT Fuel tank repair ,weld or epoxy suggestions

    Gas will de solve JB weld.so diesel most likely will also over time.I have used cycle tank cream many times with great results on gas but it would be better in my opinion to find something designed for diesel.
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    Hardinge cataract

    I'm just using a common de greaser don't have zep or any commercial cleaner's local.This place in right in the middle of nowhere.Then putting a coat of oil on parts to stop any rust. And using rag's and tooth brush's for scrubbing.
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    How you learned to be a Machinist

    The better you understand a machine the better you can make it perform.I think that just take's time and patience.Then some time down the road you can use your engineering knowledge and design an improvement on that very machine.:cheers:
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    Needs home

    Gordon wants the work holder,say's he will trade me some kind of tooling that will fit my small machines.:D
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    Customers manager taking kick backs........what would you do?

    Don't know why lodging a complaint to the management wouldn't be realistic? If nothing else just to the fact that you keep bidding job's and don't get considered even after the fact of dropping prices unreasonably low. Ask for an explanation maybe.
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    I have been a millwright ,machinery tech., material coordinator building power plants and lots...

    I have been a millwright ,machinery tech., material coordinator building power plants and lots of other things.Seems like the more I learn the more I realize that I don't know very much.But I still like to learn and listen to other peoples idea's .This is a wonderful site!