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    Sorry about delay just seen your message.Dont really understand what your asking?.Whats an...

    Sorry about delay just seen your message.Dont really understand what your asking?.Whats an Artillery carriage?
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    Milling cutters for milling difficult materials? welded Cast iron, Al Bronze, Repairs ect.

    Get yourself a Ripper Cutter its a roughing tool.That will do the type of thing your talking about.Remember if your machining weld or chilled cast iron,etc you should be on a relatively slow speed.Too fast and you will burn your tool out
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    Willl this flycutter design work?

    They are illegal in UK.Health safety that Dinky one may be ok as they were outlawed because of the issue of getting a safety guard on the larger type.Must say the larger ones had their uses
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    Setup question: drilling big holes in small discs.

    You can multi load in your chuck clamp discs together with "g clamps"
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    Help Finding

    The guys are saying this for future refrence anyone asking the same question can search "SHALLOW DEPTH GAUGES"and see past answers.Its nothing personal
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    Hi,Steven surely someone who you work with could have told you,Reading a mic especially to fine tolerance is all about "feel"for best results you should be using the "ratchet"on the mic.Its not a "G,Clamp" so does not need to be overtightened-Good luck use the Ratchet
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    fun acme thread job

    Wow machines that size goes with the operators bad back-Lovely work wouldnt like one of those chips down my shirt front
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    Tips on using a vise, stock pushed up when tightening

    Have the workpiece higher in the vise gripping on a 1/4ins works fine.When your milling first face square you can have it deeper if you want.But faces 3/4 which are the finished sizes should be gripped higher in the vise.Doesnt matter if parallel moves but should be down on final...
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    Counter Sinking Questions

    Your post 14 comment about the c/sk on final depth.Think its a bit like a parting tool once the tool is cutting dont stop it go to final depth.As has been suggested a pipe on your handle so you can get a steady feed to depth and WD40 WILL help.This sounds like a light weight machine and if your...
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    Counter Sinking Questions

    500revs far too fast.ItS aIways temping to run then too fast.No harm in trying a lower speed say 200 and go from there think on the machine your using slower will be faster.When you get near the depth a squirt of WD40 then go to depth suspect its lack of power.Tool must be sharp even stoning the...
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    Problem with drilling

    Think I would drill holes with a dremel with 90degree attachment that would fit in the bore of the cylinder.You need something to equally space the holes.So turn a collar to fit in bore.Lock in place with couple grub screws
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    Bridgeport Textron 1MDI milling machine

    These machines were often found barely used normally with its friend the interact next to it which everyone would prefer at the time.They would be left unused stuck in a corner most of the time with the tables without a mark on them a lot of them had the boss controls on them.The program could...
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    NEED HELP: Bridgeport VMC 460

    Hi if you google what you want,You will be able to download it.
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    Calc pro2

    Been trying to delete this without success.Worked it out.Sorry can you delete this for me-Thanks
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    How can I remove a rivet head bolt?

    Cut them off with disc grinder.Put new one one and heat head with torch,Dome it with small tack hammer.If you need screw driver slot in head cut slot in with dremel to stop it spinning
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    Divider head question.

    Did you complete your plate?Only thing I can think of is you have set up the selector arms incorrect.
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    My Free LeBlond Regal

    LeBlond free lathe Hello,these lathes as you know have a low top speed.Even with a vdf are build for hss steel use.First I would buy a lantern holder easier to grind once you have mastered it buy the book "How to run a lathe")it will answer most what you want to know.Like has been said buy some...
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    Want opinions on mounting drill press vise

    Agree knock yourself a sub plate up row 1/2 or 5/8ins tapped holes.Stagger the next row down 1/2-5/8ins drilled reamed holes so the dowel holes will be on next row between the tapped holes.Obviously you dont want them all on same LINE.This will allow you to clamp jobs down and put dowels in...
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    Advice on cutting a dovetail in 6061 T6.

    Yes thats the one I mean "single angle" cutter.Just make sure the length of flute will cover the full face of the angle you want to machine.Why would you want to use a dovetail cutter unless there was no alternative if you have the room to get in with one of those get rid of the dovetail...
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    Advice on cutting a dovetail in 6061 T6.

    The cutter I would use would be an angle cutter the wheel type with inch bore and keyway in.Mounted on stub arbor in spindle dovetails often fail and snap at the neck the weakest point the wheel type cutter is stronger take that depth in onecut and no babying with feed