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    Contact cleaner a word of warning

    I used isopropyl until my fist use of denatured alcohol. Never went back
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    OT: Good garden hose, Craftsman RIP

    Neighbor has the expanding hose. Two issues there. If it springs a leak it can’t be repaired. But biggest issue is water volume. Connectors have a 1/4”-3/8” diameter to get your water through. Takes forever to fill a bucket. similar issue with aftermarket ball Valves for the hoes end. most...
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    The value of experience.

    over the years I’ve met people with 20 years worth of one year’s experience. Found you can’t fix stupid or indifference.
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    Just how bad can Chinese tools be.

    You could throw statistics at Chinese quality, but simply stated, every now and then they make a good one by accident. Parts are made to the standard that says if it looks good, ship it. No requisite for meeting print or functioning in any manor.
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    lattice tower slope angle

    Splay out the legs if you need anti-tip stability otherwise straight is fine. Don’t forget diagonal cross bracing on a straight tower to prevent racking.
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    removing gummed up aluminum from cutting tools

    Have no experience on how it reacts with carbide, so can’t help there.
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    removing gummed up aluminum from cutting tools

    I would stay far away from HCl. It reacts with the steel also. The worst part is hydrogen embrittlement. You won’t know it’s there till your tool snaps the next time you use it. Hydrogen in the acid will migrate into the iron matrix of your tool causing enormous localized stresses. Can be...
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    OT - Outdoor storage without rust

    Another thing to consider is Tectyl 900 which meets mil spec for us military light arms. 900-1000 hrs at 100% humidity. Or one step up, Navoil. Same spec + added salt spray protection. both are water displacing .
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    OT - Why would backpressure occur in a sprinkler system?

    Best fitting description is an anti syphon valve. Municipal code just about everywhere. The city of troy mi wants it certified as functioning every 3 years by a licensed plumber.
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    Heat Treating 4130 and 1045

    1450-1600°F is the range for your furnace. You need to set your quench so the parts are Rc60 or better out of the quench. I doubt that 4130 will make it. 1045 has enough carbon so it will. All depends on how quickly you remove the heat. Too slow and it doesn’t make it. Too fast and you can...
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    Electricity generation from humidity through nanopores

    Perpetual motion is close at hand. It must be true. A university published it! Then again a fair % of university papers are made up or flawed. Time will tell on this one.
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    Scraping flat

    May I suggest that you start your scraping quest on a flat piece of cast iron about 4”x4” or 6x6. Learn the techniques there then move on to machine parts. As said you can buy a hand scraper. You can also make one with a small piece of carbide a 1”x15”x1/8” bar stock. Make a handle or wrap...
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    Getting rid of micro-slivers...your favourite way?

    I like the lancet idea. I’ve been using the stereo microscope and an exacto knife. Definitely makes a bigger hole. Tweezers if I don’t have to dig, which is not that often.
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    Holding strength under some vibration. 1/4-20 vs 1/4-28. Which is going to be better assuming no lock washers?

    Fred said it right. It’s the free length of the screw not engaged with the mating parts. Gordon, what they didn’t tell you is how critical free length can be in a joint. if my memory serves me, good grade 8 capscrew joint will stretch the screw about 0.004”. Normal material relaxation will...
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    Holding strength under some vibration. 1/4-20 vs 1/4-28. Which is going to be better assuming no lock washers?

    You have enough free length it shouldn’t matter. You will get more clamp force with the fine thread. But this is not what will bite you in the behind. The aluminum will compress and even yield under the head of the capscrew negating the screw tension. You will need a hardened washer there to...
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    Flange torque specifications

    Precisely why I would change to an o-ring design.
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    Flange torque specifications

    as has been said a 25% compression of the rubber is desired. If you can’t figure a way for a positive metal to metal stop, perhaps deleting the gasket and make provision for an o-ring and groove. Still shoot for 25% compression.
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    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    The cat both knows the the answer and doesn’t. Unfortunately you have a 50/50 chance it’s dead when you open the box to ask. Ouch, makes my head hurt.
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    Why and How to Fix Roller Coaster Steel Fracture

    I’ve seen it happen more than once Dooz. So yes I’d cut the youngsters som slack.. Worst one was assigning a co-op project engineer level work. Design failed in test and the co-op was criticized for not knowing better. Smart kid, worth keeping but definitely not his fault. Chief engineer...