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    Tig welder coolant

    I'm doing maintenace on my Miller Syncrowave 250. I want to change the coolant. Miller wants $56 clams a gallon and most places will only sell a box of four. Anybody here have an alternative? Thanks, Bob L
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    Slitting blade question.

    Boy’s I need your help. I have to cut a ¼” slot in a 1” X 1/8” wall chrome-moly tube. The cut passes through a 1” long fine thread. Unfortunately, I know nothing about cutting blades. I mean they got inline ones and off set ones. The little guy on my shoulder tells me I would want a large...
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    Waste oil

    Thank you Bob! That's all I needed.
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    Waste oil

    We had a fire and got a small amount of water in the coolant pump wells. I don't want to use oil milk in my machines. I just got to get rid of the stuff and compared to used motor oil this stuff would be sweet crude in that furnace. It's getting mixed into a 250 gallon holding tank, so I don't...
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    Waste oil

    I'm hopping someone here can answer this mind-blowing question. I use Mobilmet 426 oil for cutting. Any reason I can't put it in my buddies garage waste oil furnace to get rid of it. Thanks, Bob L
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    Press brake tonnage question?

    I need some help here. I need to buy a press brake but have no knowledge of them whatsoever. For the most part I need to bend .250 X 2" max flat bar. How much tonnage would this require? Thanks in advance Bob L
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    Roper Whitney PROFAB 900 hydraulic help needed

    Need some help guys, got a Roper Whitney PROFAB 900 radius notched. Small air over hydraulic system. I need to add hydraulic fluid to it and bleed the system but nowhere in the instruction manual does it state what type of hydraulic fluid. 99% of the people at Roper weren’t born yet when this...
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    Degreaser recommendations

    Thanks, guys, for your input. Didn't want to start WWIII. I ordered a gallon of Super Clean. If that don't work off to the ZEP we go but at least I know I'm in the right direction. Thanks again, Bob L
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    Degreaser recommendations

    No fire damage, just light surface rust that emery cloth and 30wt will solve. No lighting. A bunch of third worlds had a vape distributing in the building with 50-gallon drums of shit that didn't belong in the building. Two girls that were living there illegally were killed instantly. I used to...
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    Degreaser recommendations

    Let me explain the fire. We didn't burn. There was an explosion in the building behind us which blew out our windows and set off the sprinklers. The sprinklers ran for three weeks because of two uncharted water mains. All our cnc's total loss. Were just talking plain dirt and grease here. I...
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    Degreaser recommendations

    Hi all, can someone here make a suggestion for machine degreasing. We suffered a major fire on 12/20 and have since move all the machines into new digs but they are filthy. I figure that this is the time to maintain and clean all of them. I've already figured out that lacquer thinner is not the...
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    Leblond/Maknio Regal Electric Brake Problem

    I appreciate your info but I have no lower left panel. I have a shaft that both the stationery switch and the carriage switch turn. This in turn, turns the switch. I need to find the switch. Thanks, Bob
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    Shop broken into

    That's what an alarm system is for. Your cheapness, your loss.
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    Leblond/Maknio Regal Electric Brake Problem

    Guys I hope I/m in the right forum since I can't find anything for Leblond lathes. Got a problem with the electric brake. It is intermittent. When I click the switch back to the center mark, the brake for the most part doesn't activate. When it does , it works flawlessly. Is there a linkage that...
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    Deburring parts

    Guys I need your input on this one. Right now we glass bead our parts to deburr them but it's killing us. What are my alternatives here with out spending 6 grand on a second hand tumbler. Can I build one of these in house? Thanks Bob L
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    Moving a lathe in a pickup truck

    Then there is the easy way to move a lathe. Hire a car carrier. They can slant their bed any way they want and they have a winch. The guy will set it right were you want it for a reasonable price. Beats you fucking up your back and then some.3500 to 4500 pounds of steel can screw you up good if...
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    Lathe choice questions

    I personally wouldn't't buy anything from Grizzly. If your going to invest your hard earned money. Look at a new LeBlond. I've got a Makino Regal here I wouldn't trade for the world. Work horses.
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    Sheet metal heat warping

    The warpage was done from the heat of the spot welder. These are replicas. There was no bead or there can be none.
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    Moving a lathe in a pickup truck

    We did the same thing with a 14". We just used 2" ratchet type ty-downs. I remember joking that the guy behind us will never know what hit him.