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    Dividing head Chuck “through-bore” size

    Hi. May be a stupid question, but I am wondering if it is possible to get a dividing head for a mill that will take a 40mm OD tube “through the Chuck”? To machine 5mm holes at 120degrees at one end of the tube. The tubes are 1200mm in length. I currently use a slip on tool with pre-drilled...
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    Grinding wheel specs for Fibreglass/Carbon

    Hi, we run a Malcus centreless grinder in the production of fibreglass and carbon fibre tubing and I’m looking to go about replacing the grinding wheel on the machine over the next few weeks. This is a job that hasn’t been done on this machine with 20+ years so I presume it is well overdue...
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    Turning G10 fibreglass

    Thanks for all the replies, really only an amateur at machining, no formal training only from on the job! Tolerances we work with usually vary from +-0.1mm so not terribly fussy. Nice to get it as exact all the same.
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    Turning G10 fibreglass

    Any thoughts on insert angles?
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    Turning G10 fibreglass

    Yeah we cut with diamond wheels and they leave a super finish on the cut end. Getting speeds and feeds right is a definite with regard tool wear alright! We seem to find the industrial extraction system a good way of keeping dust down and extracts it about an inch from the cut so there’s no...
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    Turning G10 fibreglass

    I’m well aware how dusty it can get! We are set up for machining the material with a very good extraction system as I already do a lot of slotting and drilling to the tubes. We use carbide endmills but yeah, it does wear them down pretty quick. Will probably look into getting some PCD end mills...
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    Turning G10 fibreglass

    Hi, Looking for info on the correct inserts to use along with insert holders for turning down fibreglass tubing. Is a positive rake insert a must? Also, maybe a stupid question. But if I intend to machine away from the chuck as opposed to towards the chuck, is it a left hand insert holder I...
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    Bridgeport series 1 2J2 x-axis trouble

    Hi, The x- axis leadscrew in my Bridgeport turns when both handles turn but only moves the table intermittently. As in it seems to have a mind of its own. It will engage one minute while you crank it and if you stop to crank the other way it won’t engage. Any help would be greatly...