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    What's the general feel in manufacturing? Recession?

    Real slow here right now. Started the first part of the year breaking records then June came around and the door shut. We are heavily into mold building and other mold shops I talk with are also slow. Not dead, but not nearly at their "comfortable" capacity either. As for my non-mold...
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    Tapping methods without rigid tapping

    I've been using a Flex Arm pneumatic tapper for decades now. Most of my stuff is long hour, one-off stuff where I can't afford to have any tapping mishaps/broken taps. Do thread milling also but on larger holes and stuff I can afford to F-up if something goes south.
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    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    So are you saying they are now going away from the tan grease 93-3168? Hell, I just changed over to that from the purple stuff earlier this year. At this rate, by the time I need to buy more there will be another change, or 2.
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    Am i about to hit anything important in the table? Vf6

    Years ago, I drilled a 1/2-13 tap hole in the table of my VF3 but just to the depth of the current T-slots so I could mount my WIPS table sensor to the table instead of plugging up a T-slot. At that depth I was still in the table material so no big deal. Did the same thing a few years later on...
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    Is anyone hard turning core pins for injection molds?

    Are you referring to TH (thru hard) pins or the standard, soft, core pins? We mill the soft CP's (depending on their geometry) and spin or burn the TH's
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    Quick sine set up block

    PM sent Kevin.
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    Quick sine set up block

    Here's what I use for setting up any size sine vise or plate. Works on just about any angle too. It's a .875 ejector pin that has been wire cut to the exact centerline. Just set it on a 90 degree corner of your work piece and bump each side of it like you would indicate any other part and...
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    Trying to prevent a F$@# up

    +1 for using a ball end mill. They don't have the sharp corners that a flat cutter does to break off instantly when they hit that first bit of fractured HSS. Radius tip endmills work good too. I usually mill a helix at the same size as my tap drill and use as large of cutter as possible...
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    Who makes haas self centering vises

    I guess saying that they are "trying to screw you" is the wrong terminology. You just have to watch out what you are buying. When I bought my new machines I had the HFO add a "tooling credit" amount to the cost of the machine itself so I could buy whatever I needed/wanted and have it on the...
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    Who makes haas self centering vises

    Looking at the 5" manual self-centering they have for $999.95, I'd say they AREN'T a Lang, Jergens or Mate as these 3 all have jaws that snap into place where that 5" has bolt down jaws. That made me think of Fifth Axis, especially at that price, but the the Fifth Axis base doesn't look...
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    RedLine tools...........worth a darn?

    I've been using uncoated Redline cutters for years building 7075 aluminum injection molds. For that they are the best bang for the buck (not saying much for just cutting aluminum I know). I do know that years ago we tried some of their corner rad cutters and the corners were no where true to...
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    threadmilling 3/4 -10

    I found that Harvey Tool has a really good feed and speed calculation for threadmills. You calculate the difference between the major thread dia and the cutter dia and in the end you get the feed rate. For a 3/4-10 I run 3.7 IMP and 2122 RPM with 5 .010 passes and 1 finish pass. Thsi is with...
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    Basic setup/clamping for round part

    Looking at your picture I'd say you are on the right track. I'd finish mill the bottom side all the way down until my cutter wasn't cutting anymore contoured surface. Then I'd drill that thru hole undersize to accommodate a tap thread and bolt it to the spoilboard you are talking about. Flip...
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    Multi sided ops with 3 axis machine. Can I make this any easier?

    implmex: When I started toying with this over a year ago, I looked into the 3R system but wrote it off for some reason. Time flies and I can't remember why now but the manual flipping of sides is exactly what I was looking at doing. I've used them for cutting trodes in this fashion so that's...
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    Multi sided ops with 3 axis machine. Can I make this any easier?

    For 13 years now I've been building injection molds with 3 axis vertical mills. When it comes to making inserts there is always multi sided work that needs to be done. We have always tackled it by doing the back work first, inserting taped and dowel holes where possible and then attaching a...
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    When to replace a tap?

    You definitely need carbide to get that tap out. I usually just mill it out to the tap drill size spinning at a lower RPM and about .0005 ramp. It won't sound happy but it will come out. Might use a couple mills though. Another shop I do a lot of business with will take the piece to the...
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    Low Runout CAT40 Toolholders

    +1 for the HPI Pioneer ER holders. We use them from ER 11 to ER 32. As long as everything is clean they are usually always .0002-.0003. When you are talking about ER holders it is all about all 3 parts (collet, nut and holder) being clean, clean, clean.
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    OT? Uber inflation ramping up?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating the poor or looking for the Govt to keep prices artificially low. The way I see it is that the min wage deal will bring a certain % of the population out of poverty but what happens when the basic necessities they need to buy increase in price due to those...
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    OT? Uber inflation ramping up?

    How much of this increase in pricing, not just in this industry, but market wide is due to the fact that the Dems feel everyone should start out with a minimum wage of $15is/hour? When the person dropping fries at the fast food place makes $30k per year, how does anyone expect to see low...
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    What's the better endmill for dynamic/HSM, square or corner rad?

    Everyone's thoughts are about what I have always gone by. Stick with a rad tip as long as you can UNTIL you actually need a square tip. I HSM mostly tool steels, P20, H13, A2, S7 and D2. Some 400 series stainless also. Injection mold bases mainly so a lot of large pockets for hardened...