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    Offline Auto Tapping

    The company I work for is looking for an offline automated drilling/tapping machine. We currently produce thousands of PVC parts that need a 1/4"-20 thread in one end. Does anyone know of something small that can sit next to a lathe as parts come off, we can have an employee place it in a collet...
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    How Do You Calculate Burden Rate?

    Are you using Proshop ERP for your billing and all your financials? I could see how with that information, that the system could calculate that for you. Unfortunately, we are only using JobBoss for purchasing, work order creation and shipping. All financials as still done in Quickbooks. The...
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    How Do You Calculate Burden Rate?

    Your shop rate has your profit in it, so you would have to: Shop Rate-Profit %-Operator Rate should equal your burden. Does that make sense?
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    How Do You Calculate Burden Rate?

    I'm the only one with 100% access to all levels in JobBoss. The system does not generate the Burden Rate, you have to input it. I am just not sure ours is being calculated properly, so this is the reason I am asking. I feel is should be fairly easy to come up with by using the actual numbers...
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    ERP - JobBoss^2 vs. ProShop vs. Something Actually Good?

    We have been using JobBoss2 since it switched from the old Shoptech. I agree that customer service has hit rock bottom after the ECI aquisition. I have a question for you about the system itself. How do you come up with your Hourly Burden Rate for your machines, so it will calculate cost. My...
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    How Do You Calculate Burden Rate?

    The company I work for uses JobBoss2. We don't use the system to calculate pricing for parts, but instead use an offline excel sheet we have developed over the years. If I enter a new part in the system using all the factors I have on my excel sheet, JobBoss will give me a sell price within a...
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    Has anyone tried "Piece Work" to pay employees?

    We are trying to come up with ways to get employees to be more productive, without sounding like we are being slave drivers. I used to have a roommate who was a welder, and he was paid for every fitting he was able to weld during his shift, pretty much leaving how much money he wanted to make up...
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    How to price multi year orders

    I have a customer who we have done work for previously, that is asking me to quote a part for him that we have done in the past. He is asking for 200 pieces to be taken over the next three years. On the previous order, we did it, but sat on parts for a long time before we started to see the...
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    7050 T7651 Bought at Auction - Any Ideas of Value?

    I wish this was a more current thread. It's amazing how many people comment on here, but don't really know what they are discussing. 7050-T76511 is a Unicorn. I currently need two bars of 2.375" diameter and it is no where to be found. I have to get a quote from the mill, and they will quote...
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    Honing PTFE (Teflon)

    We just had a drawing package dropped on us by the boss and we are looking for some help to let us know if anyone has ever done what is being asked of us on this drawing. We are looking to put a .788" +.000/-.001 hole, 12.462" long, and a second part that is looking for .250" +.000"/.001"...
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    Vespel SP-21

    Thank you all for your help and input. I have contacted Dupont to see if they had a machining guide or parameters, and they are supposed to get back to me. Thank you for letting me know it exists. I will share this info with our programmers as we look further into this job.
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    Vespel SP-21

    I did some searching on here and didn't find anything specific to my question. I read it is super expensive and that SP-21 is abrasive, but how well does it hold tolerance, and does it do well in a swiss screw machine with oil? We are being asked to quote our first part out of this material and...
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    Set Up Pricing

    Do you mind if I ask? We are similar in the fact that almost everything we do is reoccurring production runs. Some of our machines have been running the same part for the last 10 years+. At our shop, depending on the level of machine complexity we charge a different rate. Meaning we charge...
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    Set Up Pricing

    I went to the search feature, but didn't see anything specific to my question. I'm curious what and how other shops charge for set ups. We currently have just been using a low $160.00 flat feet for set ups, no matter the complexity or how long it may take. I feel we are already a low hourly rate...
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    17.4 Stainless 6.750" Diameter x 48"

    Woudl you do $3.50/lb? Fry said that 48" of material woudl weigh 490 lbs., so let's call it 400 lbs @ $3.50?
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    17.4 Stainless 6.750" Diameter x 48"

    Sorry for not reading your profile. You are local to me, so this could be easy. I just have to see how much I can let it go for.
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    17.4 Stainless 6.750" Diameter x 48"

    I just found everything, but the boss is out. Let me find out tomorrow. Where are you located?
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    17.4 Stainless 6.750" Diameter x 48"

    We have been sitting on this bar of material since 2014. I have material certs in hand and was not sure if there was a market for this bar.
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    Excel Spreadsheet

    Is there a way to post an excel file on here? I was going to share a quoting spreadsheet we use with another member, but I keep getting an invalid file type.
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    CNC Tool Llist

    We are currently running the latest version of Gibbscam and have historically been using the tool list that is out put from it. The issue I have is, not every tool list in the shop has the same format and I am wondering if anyone knows of any software for creating tool list. I know I could...