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    Genos 560v prices and options

    My Genos 560R-V with TSC, Chip conveyor, probing costs around 130K USD. I am not in US so it might be different. Get the TSC; ever since I got a machine with TSC, it has become a must now to have it on every other machine. Drilling, tapping, reaming, deep pocket machining are so much easier with...
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    Rant: Customers don't follow their own tolerances

    1) We don't force them to pay because we simply can't and it is most likely not worth all the lawyer fees to pursue that. So, most of the time we try to solve the problems with customer or until we decide it is not worth it anymore and just let the customer go. 2) This happens quite a bit...
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    Subspindle Lathe (Miyano Fanuc) parting off

    For subspindle lathe, I use the blade type parting tool with the tool block specific for the blade tool. The tool block has radial clearance for sub -spindle and allows the blade to get in between chucks at very tight space. See if your machine comes with this type of tool block or ask your...
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    Rant: Customers don't follow their own tolerances

    On our threaded holes, you couldn't see the unclosed portions on the thread crests. They all closed up at the crest but if you cut the threads to see cross sections, you could still see the tiny pockets below the crests. The top of the crests was shallow U-shape. We intentionally drilled the...
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    Rant: Customers don't follow their own tolerances

    Yes. This is M14x1.5 thread. Usually, minor diameter would be 12.5mm. I knew this customer's QC likes the Go thread gauge to go in smooth so I even made the thread minor diameter to be 12.3mm (checked with pin gauges). They still feel it's too loose. Yea this is Class 2 JIS standard. We even...
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    Rant: Customers don't follow their own tolerances

    Just want to rant and get this off my chest because I am dealing with the same shit with multiple customers at this moment. I have been gaining new works from both old and new customers this past year, so I have been doing alot of sample pieces for them before we go into production. This week...
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    Process instability(Boring, Deep Hole Drilling)

    For what I have done with deep hole drilling and reaming on a curved or angled surface, I bore the entrance of the hole with an endmill to be slightly larger than the reamer, usually at the larger side of the tolerance, at around 1.5x diameter deep, then start reaming with the reamer slowly...
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    Knife making - CNC options?

    I make folding knives for a customer. It's not a huge quantity yet since the knife model is what the knife collectors classify as "semi-custom" production knives. I make everything on CNC except grinding the blade edges. In my opinion, if you want to use CNC to make knives, make sure your...
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    Mikron endmills the best for micromachining?

    My go-to tiny endmills are NS Tool. At 1-1.5mm endmills though, there are many brands to consider. Recently I have been using Guhring's new line of endmills called RF100 Sharp. They are great. I have used them on anything from aluminium to titanium with better tool life than expected.
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    5axis machine with automation

    Okuma MU-4000V can have a pallet pool (6/10/12 pallet options i believe). You could try Hermle C400; it is the more economical version of C40 model. Hermle should have a good support network within Europe. I am not sure if these are within your 300K Euro budget though. Base machine is probably...
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    RFQ - What am I doing wrong?

    Agree! I also had (ok, still have) customers who are "inventors". I helped developing their products or parts of them and some of them I had my doubts whether they would work. One project this year in particular was a nightmare. The customer came to me with this highly complicated device which...
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    RFQ - What am I doing wrong?

    I still do not understand the reasoning behind these tolerances. It sounds to me like you came up with these tolerances just because you learned the highest accuracy specs on the machine you think this part should be made with. Put down the tolerances you need for your part. If these dimples are...
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    Misumi is getting into Protolab's line of work

    Alot of their products in Standard Mold and Die categories have been discontinued over the years, since 2017 i think. They used to over stock everything in these categories which made the price so low compared to their competitors. Now many of these products are sold out and have a really long...
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    Misumi is getting into Protolab's line of work

    Misumi had been my main competitor for standard mould and die component in my area for over a decade. The market was so ruined by a race to cheaper prices, so I moved on from those products to contract manufacturing service. Misumi also started to reduce their inventory on standard mould and die...
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    I got a quote from Grob not long ago for G350 with 10 pallets and 16K HSK63 spindle and pretty loaded options about 750K euro. Only option i would add more is bigger tool capacity. The quote I got was for only 60 tools. It will vary depending on your location though as I am not in the US.
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    Shopping for a 5 axis mill: DMG Monoblock 85 vs Okuma MU6300 vs Maatsura MAM 72, vs ?

    Have you looked at Grob? It looks like your parts will fit on G350 machine. They have 10 pallet systems. Either Siemens or Heidenhain control. Grob machines are especially great for long tools since their Z axis is like a tunnel and the tool change is performed inside the tunnel so there is no...
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    Okuma genos m660-v cutter comp issue

    I have a couple of Genos M560. They like to give an alarm for cutter comp. They don't seem to like too small cutter comp move distance, so I have to give them a bit more than Fanuc control machines. Sometimes it becomes impossible like when using a tool with diameter close to a bore diameter...
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    18mm H7 Ra 1.6 hole

    Drill size before reaming seems abit small. I usually use 17.7-17.8mm for 18mm reamer. As for feed and speed, it depends on your reamer and your material. If you are using HSS reamer and are reaming mild or low-medium carbon steel, I recommend cutting speed around 10m/min (180 RPM for 18mm...
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    Tips for indicating drills in lathe turret?

    I use Haimer coaxial indicator in the chuck and sweep the drill tip but i guess you can use a test indicator as well. If you haven't got your X offset for your boring bar/drill holder yet, sweep the holder bore first. Once you have your holder indicated and enter your X offset, insert the drill...
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    Iscar Tooling Info

    It totally depends on your machine rigidity and power and your depth of cut. If you use high depth of cut and high step over, your spindle might stall especially when facing stainless steel. I usually use 50-70% step over with a face mill and depth of cut varies by the material. Try calculating...