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    Efficiency suggestions with low volume jobshop work

    Lean principles @jash - I am a one-man machine shop inside an engineering company. The company is my customer, and they pay me to figure out machining strategies and produce 1st articles. What they don't want to pay me for (and shouldn't have to) is everything else that is required to prototype...
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    How do I add a permanent adjustment to the Z measurement from the WIPS Tool Setter

    If I catch your meaning you want the table to be G53 Z zero (and for example your tool setter would be at +4" or something). I vaguely remember that this is possible, but I also kind of remember it being a bad idea. Basically you're trying to change the machine Z zero as shown, even though the...
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    Mori Seiki SL-25 X axis Runaway On Power Up

    Had a runaway Z axis upon startup on a 2005 Haas horizontal mill. Not being much with electrical troubleshooting, I prayed it was a mechanical issue. Climbed in and pulled back the Z way cover (over several hours) to reveal a chip on the limit sensor. The machine was constantly getting feedback...