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  1. maguilera

    Micro100 Boring Bar speeds and Feeds

    I agree, but I didn't say or even imply that. From your original post, it seemed like you searched for the manufacturer recommended speeds and feeds and couldn't find them. Hence, my post. Cheers.
  2. maguilera

    Micro100 Boring Bar speeds and Feeds

    I’m not trying to be a smartass over here, but did you search on Google? And I’m asking that because when I searched on Google “micro 100 boring bar speeds and feeds”, the link below was literally the first result. https://www.micro100.com/resources/speeds-feeds Cheers.
  3. maguilera


    Just as an update, I did change this parameter and it worked. Thanks for the information! Cheers.
  4. maguilera


    Even if I don’t specify an X and Z coordinate in the “P” line on a profile with a concave feature, my machine won’t raise any alarms and it will rough the concave feature in a single pass, regardless of its depth. I almost learned that the hard way, I got lucky that the feature was a shallow...
  5. maguilera


    I agree 100%, but it seems like OP is using the G72 cycle for grooving. If that's the case, any value other than zero would make the grooving tool rapid into the workpiece when relieving after the first plunge. Cheers
  6. maguilera

    Fanuc 6T G76 single line code gives an error

    Just as a sanity check, your program is in imperial units, right? If that’s the case and assuming Z0 is at the face of the part, starting the threading at Z1.5 will result in a lot of unnecessary air cutting. From advices I’ve seen in this forum and real life experience, a good rule of thumb is...
  7. maguilera

    How to properly manually program chamfers and radii on a lathe

    There’s a bunch of really useful threads about this topic here on PM. For example: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/tool-nose-radius-compensation.276820/ https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/compensate-for-tool-nose-without-using-g41-g42.407507/ Cheers.
  8. maguilera

    Knife making - CNC options?

    8Cr13MoV is a low-grade chinese stainless steel. I’m not a fan of stainless steel for pocket knives since I very rarely use it to cut food. In my opinion an alloy steel like AISI 52100 is way better for a pocket knife; it can achieve very high hardness while retaining some of its toughness. I...
  9. maguilera

    Fanuc 0T lathe - G76 threading troubleshooting

    I have the English version of a German book called “Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook” which states the radius of a rounded root metric external thread for a given pitch. Cheers.
  10. maguilera

    Fanuc 0T lathe - G76 threading troubleshooting

    Some great advices up there already. But one thing I couldn’t help noticing is that your program will take something like 28 passes to cut a 1.5mm pitch thread, and in my opinion, unless you have a serious rigidity problem, this is simply a waste of time. Here’s a sample program I’d use to cut...
  11. maguilera

    Blunt Start Thread (Higbee) Questions

    Thanks again for the detailed explanation. So in this case, for cutting the higbee using G76 cycle with a TNMG insert, I’d need to call the G76 cycle 8 times, with the first threading pass depth the same as height of thread (all other parameters remains the same), but shifting the Z start...
  12. maguilera

    Blunt Start Thread (Higbee) Questions

    Firstly, thanks for the explanation Bill. So in this case I’d need to use G32, correct? How would I go about calculating the shift in Z for this case? Cheers.
  13. maguilera

    Blunt Start Thread (Higbee) Questions

    First and foremost, before posting here I did some research on this topic and read through a few threads on PM and they were really helpful, but still, some questions arose. Is it an issue to use a LH tool to cut the higbee on a right hand thread? The Z start position of the higbee should be...
  14. maguilera

    Fit Callouts for Dowel Holes

    Using a CAD software like Inventor is really easy to call a tolerance like H7 and select to either show size limits or show tolerance (see picture attached), that I find counterproductive just calling a tolerance and require the machinist to look up the values for the basic dimension. Cheers.
  15. maguilera

    Multi Start threading

    What you could do instead is call G76 three times with the same exact parameters, only changing the Z start position. As stated by angelw, only for very low RPM’s. I would at least double the Z start position. I would also change the X start position to something like X30. It’s not a great idea...
  16. maguilera

    g71 issue - tool unexpectantly returning to X0/Z0

    I suspect your problem is in the Q line of the profile. There’s no need for this line at all, since the cycle will automatically return to the starting point in rapid mode (G0). With this cutting speed, the RPM will be clamped throughout the whole cycle. In order for you to take advantage of...
  17. maguilera

    Do you use G90 and G94 on a lathe with G-code System A?

    Honestly, I never used those cycles because like you said, even for a simple profile I just use G71/G72. Something I didn’t find in books was how to calculate tool radius compensation for a profile feature and manually applying it; most of what I learned in that regard was either by researching...
  18. maguilera

    CNC manufacturing of gears and splined shaft

    From my experience in Brazil, as long as the gear is designed using standard parameters such as module, pressure angle, tooth form, quality class and so on... they are relatively cheap. Obviously, this only applies if the gear is not very large nor very small. I had a case in my previous job...
  19. maguilera


    For this particular project the standard math library would be enough, but for more complex projects numpy becomes essential, and because of that I just use numpy as a default for all my python projects. Absolutely, this is a very rudimentary script and sanity checks would be one of many...
  20. maguilera


    Thanks for the explanation, Bill. I’ll definitely check this out. Do you have any recommendation on literature for Fanuc macro user? Cheers.