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    New MAHO MH500 User Here! Advice is welcomed!

    A little update on the Project.... After searching through the net for a replacement part, I did manage to find it, for 55Euros, plus 20 shipping (~80USD total), which seems irreal for my hobby budget, I settled on a home shop solution. I made a similar piece out of brass plumbing fittings...
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    New MAHO MH500 User Here! Advice is welcomed!

    Hi Ross! This is the oil reservoir. Old, german made, nonexistent anymore. "Hiesinger" brand. It loses about 1 ounces of oil every week. The drain port is cracked upwards in multiple places due to overtightening, as well as the large horizontal threads are broken. I planned to make a new one...
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    New MAHO MH500 User Here! Advice is welcomed!

    Hi guys! I've posted before, but finally, I arrived at the machinists' league. I got an 1989 MAHO MH500M model for a very fair price. It is a late manual model with basic Heidenhain DRO, no rapids, Variator feed and speed selection. I think the rapid feed version came around 1990. It is...
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    (Deckel) MAHO color themes

    Hi! I tried to seek all over the forum, but could not find the right answer. It is just out of curiosity, I am in the process of buying a green one. As far as I am aware, the MAHO factory changed from Green two-tone, to the Grey-purple color design in 1991. I've read it somewhere here. Could...