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    Strongest rod available

    You do know that the barrel is pushed foward during firing not back right? The stress might be opposite of what you think it is.
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    Baldor 5hp Motor For Series 1 CNC

    I love the aluminum frame Allen Bradley/reliance motors designed for VFD use, Up to 6000 rpm and can be had on ebay or surplus if you can find one. They are light, Wide RPM range, Blower cooled, Have encoders. They are expensive new though.
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    VFD for 2hp Bridgeport series 1

    Dumb question but you are using a 2 pole breaker right? You should have 2 "Hots" and a ground, Possably a netural if it is a 4 wire setup. But as stated any 1 hot to netural is only 110v. You need 2 hots from a 2 pole breaker and a ground no need for neutral. Can you post a pic of you breaker...
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    Milling cutters for milling difficult materials? welded Cast iron, Al Bronze, Repairs ect.

    Thanks for the advice, I will get some carbide on the way!
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    Milling cutters for milling difficult materials? welded Cast iron, Al Bronze, Repairs ect.

    I just recently Finishing restoring an Enco BP Clone for the shop and am a new to milling. I have had a lathe for years and am understand feeds and speeds ect. The machine is in almost new shape, .005 or less backlash in the screws, Hard chromed ways with no wear, Nice and tight. 5hp 3phase...
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    Replace Vari speed drive with VFD and fixed pulleys, Seiko clone.

    I used a c frame motor, and CNC plasma cut a motor mount, I used low profile socket head cap screws and recessed the bolts so they will clear the top of the machine and then had 2 slotted holes to mount to the original bolt holes. I made a plate for the back of the machine with a threaded rod...
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    Possably a bad 3 phase motor?

    The lathe is up and running great with the new vfd now! Turns out the problem was in the VFD. I put the TECO 1hp vfd that came off the lathe on a belt sander with a 1hp Baldor motor that i had. Factory reset the VFD and set all the parameters for the motor. Completely different setup, all new...
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    SB9 V pulley question

    A flat pulley with a serpentine car belt is hard to beat for smooth running. With a VFD no need to have 4 speeds on the counter shaft. You might find a set of flat pulleys cheaper and sell your v belt pulley to offset the cost. If you want to get it up and running a couple cast iron pulleys...
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    Music wire tensile strength chart help

    The more useful thing to know is the yield strength of the wire, Once you exceed the yield strength you are permanently stretching the wire. Depending on application probably design the load not to exceed 75-90% of the yield depending on what kind of load. For a 1 time use you could load it...
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    Max Material Removal Rate

    Some numbers from my 9in SB. Your results might vary. I typically run into Vibration/chatter due to DOC and it does not seem to matter what speed i am running. 9in South bend. 54in bed. Serpentine belt drive 1.5HP motor VFD controlled. The below are all based on best case conditions and...
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    Possably a bad 3 phase motor?

    I installed the 2hp teco VFD today and it runs great! It looks like the 1hp vfd was having problems starting the 1.5hp motor. It could have been a setting in the old VFD but all is well now! The motor seems to be fine.
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    Possably a bad 3 phase motor?

    It just dawned on me this is a 1hp VFD and a 1.5 HP motor, The nameplate says 1hp but the model number and amp draw indicate 1.5 hp. I remember this was from an air compressor and it must have been tagged as such due to the application. When i set it up i put all the parameters in to the VFD and...
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    Possably a bad 3 phase motor?

    I checked out the windings today, All show 2.9-3 Ohms between any 2. And none show any continuity to ground. Could it have a bad rotor? The bearings feel smooth.
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    Possably a bad 3 phase motor?

    No bad smell, It seems to run fine up to speed. It seems if the HZ are below 10 hz it acts strange. It is supposed to instant reverse where it ramps down and then changes direction. It will not do that as it ramps down it gets down to 10hz or so and then just slows down and then speeds up and...
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    Possably a bad 3 phase motor?

    Back story about 10 years ago i set up my 9c south bend with a 1.5hp baldor motor and VFD due to a missing counter shaft and it works great! Its all serpentine belt drive with a fixed ratio to give 720 rpms at 60 hz. Giving a full range of speeds with back gear and enough torque. The VFD is a...
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    Anyone parting out a 9"

    I could use some change gears for my 9c if the OP does not need them. Let me know. I am missing about all of then but what is on the lathe.
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    Help picking VFD For 5hp Mill

    Thanks for the reply's and help, The motor came in this morning and it does have a factory installed encoder. I was surprised how light it is with the aluminum frame. That M751 Servo drive looks interesting i will check it out. Since the motor has an encoder is there any advantage to run it in...
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    Need Copper machine screws

    C18700 Free-Machining Copper (CuPb1P) | Fisk Alloy You could always use free machining copper C18700. its primary application is machine screws that require high current carrying capability. Get some hex stock or mill the hex from bar stock chuck it up in the lathe and drill, tap and part off...
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    Help picking VFD For 5hp Mill

    I have an ENCO mill, Bridgeport VS Series 1 clone. I got the machine in parts and fully restored it. The original motor and parts of the Variable speed drive were missing. I am removing all the VS parts and doing a 5hp Motor with a fixed pulley ratio with a J16 micro groove belt. I have retained...
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    Help with Kwik Way SV valve grinder chuck runout.

    That sounds like a plan, I used to build race engines for a living. They were typically Modern 1000cc Jap sport bike engines. I still occasional build one although most of the stuff now has hard coated titanium vales that can’t be ground but it is nice to have the accuracy if needed. What I am...