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    New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon

    The one they had at IMTS developed nasty z crunching noises towards Friday. Not off to a good start.
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    Holding .0005 bore tolerance over 12"

    Good thing is, the customer is flexible. This part is VERY similar to a hydraulic cylinder, where a seal must travel up and down the bore and not get chewed up. I’m gonna give one a try but I’m fully expecting to have to outsource part of this job which kind of sucks. Really needed to get all...
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    Holding .0005 bore tolerance over 12"

    Does anyone have a suggestion when looking for a honing shop? I need some decent volume and the ones I've contacted seem to work in low volume.
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    Holding .0005 bore tolerance over 12"

    This is pure genius. Always amazed at what a man on a mission can think of! Going to look for someone with a honing shop before I lose my marbles over this job.
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    Holding .0005 bore tolerance over 12"

    I like some tough love, gives more perspective to what you're up against. I know of Sunnen for sure, I just figured SOMEONE out there is doing some type of this work. Now, the flex-hone not upping the finish without going over .0001 I will admit seems tough but I don't see why it couldn't if...
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    Holding .0005 bore tolerance over 12"

    The thickness while being bored is .25" so an OD of 2.25in. It will then be turned to 2.05" OD in what I planned to be the 2nd operation. This one seems like a tough job, although I don't think it is impossible. The 1400 pc/per year they need might be lol.
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    Holding .0005 bore tolerance over 12"

    Hey guys, long time listener....firstish time caller. I have a part in the shop which is ST52.3 tubing which is "suitable to hone" and has an advertised -.006 to 0+ tolerance. This part needs to hold .0005 (five tenths) down the 1.75" bore which is 12". The customer states, 10.75" would work...
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    QUICK annodizing for prototype shops

    I am also in central VA and ship out to Green Bay Anodizing. They do the best work
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    first CNC machine purchase, advice wanted

    I had a tormach 1100 at my old maker's space which i THOUGHT was awesome....until I bought a Mini Mill 2. Tormach is just not up to snuff for anything in a professional capacity IMO, especially since they are within 5k of a brand new Haas which has excellent support.
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    Best aluminium mills money can buy?

    What does everyone think of Lakeshore Carbide? I run them and am happy but I do not push them hard.
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    Ellison first of the year blowout on Lynx 2100LB

    Wow, I was considering an ST series from Haas but this thing will blow it out of the water!
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    "Cheap" Tool Holders

    *Update I received my Glacern package and you guys are probably right about the re labeling thing. The Face mill I ordered was 2" but in reality is 50mm with a metric m12x1.75 arbor bolt. I decided I am ok with this as they have been honest when asked about it and truth be told they showed me a...
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    Appropriate air supply for CNC Machine?

    I am also running a Harbor freight 21 gallon 125 dollar POS on a Mini Mill 2. I use harbor freight air dryers and water traps too. You will most definitely have to clear the water trap, change the desiccant in the small dryer and purge the "industrial style" dryer every other day but no...
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    "Cheap" Tool Holders

    Well, shit. That drill chuck is identical and so is the vise. If my order hasn't shipped...I'm gonna go elsewhere. Probably Maritool since you guys recommend them so much. Does anyone make their holders here in the US? My Kurt DX6 is made here right? I don't know who to trust anymore lol
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    "Cheap" Tool Holders

    Any information to back this up? I'm genuinely curious, I'd cancel my order if this is the case.
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    "Cheap" Tool Holders

    Definitely a good point, I happen to consider Glacern up there with Maritool albeit a bit under. Glacern's stuff LOOKS different in terms of coating and what not so I would assume they at the very least QC in house before coating. It could be made in house as well, they manufacture their own...
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    "Cheap" Tool Holders

    I went with Glacern which I found to be the best for the price. 100 bucks each and I can call someone who cares if something is awry. I'll let you guys know when they arrive.
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    Cat 30/40 fixture block community design and free cad files

    Can I be signed up for one? In need of one badly!
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    Machine insurance?

    How much are these policies monthly? I have a new haas and am a newbie, would love the extra security.
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    Getting serious about a cnc vmc

    Look in business to me or is that the reboot? Probably having a hell of a time getting people to buy those things. Home | Fadal Even if they are/aren't in business, parts are still everywhere.