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    FS South Bend 10K steady rest

    SOLD !
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    FS South Bend 10K steady rest

    My price must have been too high, now down to $425 shipped. If interested, email me at [email protected] Paypal is best. Thanks
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    WTB South Bend 9" Steady Rest

    Hi Mine might work out for you, see here FS South Bend 10K steady rest
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    FS South Bend 10K steady rest

    10K steady rest, part number is within pics. This came as an extra with my lathe and honestly, I don't think it has ever been used. $525.00 including shipping. If interested, best to email me at [email protected] Paypal is best Thanks
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    FS: South Bend 2A collets

    These have been sold.
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    FS: South Bend 2A collets

    I must be too high on the price, now $250 and of course, offers accepted.
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    FS: South Bend 2A collets

    I have a set of nice of 33 SB 2A collets. Size increment by 64ths from 1/8" to 11/16ths Four have been replaced with Rivett brand, the rest are SB. $275 plus shipping. If you are interested, best to reach via email: [email protected]
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    How can I utilize my 2A collets?

    I've got a nice set of 2A SB collets from 1/8" to 11/16th in 1/64" increments that I would like to put to use. The problem is my lathe is a 10K (light) with the through hole being a small .850" so the correct draw bar setup will not work. Can anyone suggest a way in which I could use these...
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    southbend 10k thread gear chart

    Here is a shot of plate from my 10K
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    New member Hi Steve, thanks for compiling the data, a big job for sure. I recently acquired my SB 10K lathe and the learning journey is beginning. So much to know, where to start? Lucky me, it appears my lathe was never really used. The original greases had hardened up to the point nothing...
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    How do I remove the drawers?

    Thanks for the tips guys. Success! I was looking for the release on the outside of the tracks but the it is the two holes in the inside of the drawer. Pressed a punch in both at the same time and presto, drawer released.
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    How do I remove the drawers?

    Hi guys, new member here. I just acquired a South Bend 10" x 54" lathe and the journey begins. I've taken the lathe off from the cabinet to clean and go over it. I'm really pleased with the overall condition, it appears to have low miles. Anyway, today's question, I need to remove the top...