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    Anyone run a Doosan Horizontal?

    Hey G-Auto, I'm considering an MB4000 and had a few quick questions for you. I tried sending a private message but the system mentioned "G-Auto has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.".
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    Facemilling Titanium

    We've been having some trouble getting a decent surface finish with facemilling titanium. Our parts are 5.45" long by .470" wide and the total amount of thickness we take off each part is around 30-40 thou with the finish pass being around 1 to 5 thou. I've been using a Maritool 3 flute 45...
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    Slot cutter - chatter issues

    Have you tried adding a horizontal lead-in radius and adjusting your lead in feedrate?
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    200,000 holes!

    Do you have any recommendations on good diamond coated drill manufacturers?
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    New amazing coolant? Or maybe....

    I've been using Qualichem 251C and haven't had any issues other than enduring the horrible smell. I thought a mist collector would make things a bit better but it's still excruciating. Not sure if the fabric detergent spell from the CFD coolants will be any better, but I'll give everyone an...
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    Fiber Laser Cut Material for Ti-6Al-4V Part

    I understand that it doesn't have any relevance to Ti but I was curious to know since I might end up working with laser cut 300 series stainless in the future.
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    Fiber Laser Cut Material for Ti-6Al-4V Part

    The cutouts are pretty simple holes ranging from .040" to .187" diameter. There's also some straight 1/8" x .500" rectangular slots so really nothing complicated. Do your 316SS parts experience any warping from the laser cut? Have you noticed any changes to the machineability?
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    Fiber Laser Cut Material for Ti-6Al-4V Part

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to source raw material for a Ti-6Al-4V part I'll be machining. I'd like to have as many of the inner features and inner contour rough cut on a waterjet or fiber laser cutter to reduce on cycle time. My goal is to have all features cut with 10 thou stock...
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    Finishing Al - compound embedded wheels?

    We've been using Norton Rapid Prep belts for a year now and have had really great results. There's a variety of other brands that make scotchbrite type belts but the Norton ones lasted the longest for us. We use the "very fine" belts for 90% of most our aluminum parts but will occasionally use...
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    Roughing V Finishing Endmill final finish

    Frank, do you have any advice on choosing between a corncob rougher and a finisher with chip breakers? I've been using your corncob aluminum roughers for a while now and am curious to know more about what's out there for roughing.
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    Advice for tooling for reaming aluminum.

    Any reason why your boss doesn't like using standard reamers?
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    Congrats on your new job. I'm sure you're feeling extremely stressed but if they already know how unfamiliar you are with the technology, you just need to try your best to learn as quickly as you can. There's a few books on wire EDM out there and a variety of Surfcam tutorials on youtube. Just...
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    first CNC machine purchase, advice wanted

    I was actually in a similar boat to you a couple years back as I used to outsource parts until I decided to acquire a machine. Lots of people here in this thread have already mentioned great tips, but hopefully my input still helps. I'm in the knife industry as well and you can see my work here...
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    Tool Holders

    Thanks for all of the great information. I've been buying a majority of my holders from MariTool already so I'm glad that it was a good decision. What kind of holders would you recommend for 1/8 through 3/16 sized tools to use with through spindle coolant?
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    Tool Holders

    Thanks for the advice. Where would you recommend to buy ER holders and collets?
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    Tool Holders

    Anyone have any recommendations on tool holder brands? I'm tooling up a new Doosan DNM so I'll need a variety of holders. Most of it will be ER 16 but I'm also looking for a few side locks, drill chucks, SK 16, and hydraulic. The tools I'm holding will range around 3/32" to 3/8". I'm also going...
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    Doosan VMC vs Haas VMC

    Thanks everyone for all of your help. I pulled the trigger for the Doosan yesterday and am really looking forward to it. I deliberated between the DNM 4500 and VF2SSYT and received very aggressive pricing from both Ellison and Selway. I decided to go for the Doosan in the end because I felt that...
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    Doosan VMC vs Haas VMC

    Since I've never used Fanuc or any other controller, I'm not sure how big the learning curve would be. Pierson Workholding put out a video yesterday about their Doosan Lathe and that their controller is better than the Fanuc ones in the past, but he also mentions that the Haas control is much...
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    Doosan VMC vs Haas VMC

    Thanks for the insight Douglas. What machine did you purchase and how much did it run you?