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    OT - Do you know a FOUNDRY that pours single wood pattern Pours?

    Kory Anderson with Dakota Foundry in Webster, SD might be someone to check with. This is the guy that built the 150HP Case traction engine and set a world record https://dakotafoundry.com/
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    Slag removal after plasma cutting? Is there machine for that?

    DDoug, If you read what I wrote before writing a rebuttal, you'd understand the purpose behind the notch. However, to reiterate, the notch would help to keep the otherwise flat chisel from walking off the edge of the piece you're working on. Otherwise, it could be tough for the operator to...
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    Slag removal after plasma cutting? Is there machine for that?

    What about an air chisel / scaler with a modified chisel bit? Notch out the middle and resharpen with a grinder, set it on the edge of your plate, and let it rip. Notch should help keep the chisel on the plate, but you can still use it flat/normally. Probably wouldn't take a very big unit to...
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    O.T. Badlands winch

    I've had really excellent luck with my 5000 and 2500lb Badland winches. The 5000 has been used and abused, side loaded, chained to trees, and has pulled an 7000lb pickup onto a trailer, just single line pull. It might not make the happiest sounds at times, but it keeps on pulling and has never...
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    Preffered Cleaner Degreaser For Cleaning Old Machines & etc

    E85 Gasoline. It'll be the cheapest solvent per gallon. The 85% ethanol will cut through almost any old waxy varnish/grease/oil if you let a piece soak. Regular gas works great too. Both come with fire risk if you're using enough of it (duh)
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    Who still makes a good quality hose reel?

    If you're looking for the absolute best, Hannay. I've got several air/electric/hydraulic reels from them, and they are absolutely outstanding quality. Never had a single issue with anything from them, and they're American made. On the lower budget end, Harbor Freight has some decent steel hose...
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    Engraving on Cast Iron?

    Yep, I've emailed with the guys there before and they're pretty flexible with custom etching and "odd ball" sort of stuff. You could also have a pattern cut, and trace that pattern with a pantograph style mill/engraver/tracer machine. I know people have built simple pantographs for oxy-fuel...
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    Engraving on Cast Iron?

    If there's room for a cover plate, you could have SendCutSend cut a real nice one out of brass/stainless, and laser engrave all those markings and numbers on there. They have a really stellar service, for very reasonable money. This way, you don't have to make a whole new part out of iron if...
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    Using a TIG Torch to Heat-Straighten Weldments (Hotspot Metal)

    Great info! If anything, you can probably get more consistent movement with TIG, being able to control heat/time a little more accurately. Thanks
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    ACME Turret Lathe - worth it?

    Thank you all for the insightful replies, and information.Crazy the amount of non-standard stuff that goes with these turret lathes. I'll wait and see if he ends up selling it for scrap, but otherwise will be patient and look for the right one. Happy Thanksgiving all
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    ACME Turret Lathe - worth it?

    General engine lathe work. Shafts, bushings, center drilling, etc. I don't have a need for a turret lathe specifically, but it seems like it could come in handy. Valid observation. That makes sense. Cost to move would be maybe ten gallons of gas. Sounds like the price is a bit up there?
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    ACME Turret Lathe - worth it?

    Hello all, Ran across this ACME turret lathe, seller is asking $2500. Seems to be pretty well tooled up, and looks like a very stout machine. My experience has mainly been in South Bend 14.5-16" lathes, but I like any old American iron. I can't quite identify this unit, but it looks very...
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    Clark C300-40 Mast Cylinder Help, etc

    Hello, Came across an old Clark C300-40, but it's got a few issues. Most important one is that the main mast has small geysers coming out from around the larger seal atop the cylinder. This comes out to several quarts over a fifteen minute period of shuffling things around. At first, the lift...
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    ISO Decent Cargo Nets / Netting

    results this is for trailers and crates... Here's what came in. Shipping was quick, and the netting is a lot better than I was expecting. The cord material is a good bit thicker than the advertised diameter, it's got a good amount of stretch to it, and is free from any major damage. I cut...
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    ISO Decent Cargo Nets / Netting

    surplus Awesome, thanks for the great replies everyone. In continuing my search for something reasonably priced, I ran across repurposedMATERIALS which had an eclectic assortment of netting sections. Reasonably priced, just ordered a 5x20 section for $45 shipped. This should yield a number...
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    ISO Decent Cargo Nets / Netting

    Hello, I've been hauling more low weight, high volume loads, and have been trying to source some decent cargo nets. I started off with a full size cargo net from Harbor Freight, which worked great until the safety clips broke off the hooks; now it is a tangled mess. I had some leftover...
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    wtb - used 2x72 belts for belt grinder

    Used to order from Combat Abrasives, but have found eBay to be cheaper and free shipping. Good quality ceramics can be had at a reasonable price on there. +1 for Cubitron and Blaze
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    Drills, Need advice on anything newer than uncoated HSS/CO

    8% Cobalt HSS I've had excellent luck with 8% cobalt bits that have a 135 degree split point. They don't chip out easily, and are a different alloy of HSS so there's no coating to "wear off". In addition, they'll hold hardness up to some pretty high temperatures (past 800f) and can readily...
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    ebay's new Managed Accounts

    For anyone that’s sold on Etsy, that’s an even worse wasteland. 12.81 is what I would receive from a $20 sale. Yikes. And people wonder why some sellers on there have such higher prices! I did receive the eBay email, and honestly it sounded more convenient having less hoops to jump through...
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    Hardfacing Questions

    I’ve had great results from cutting a section of leaf spring, welding in place, and shaping with flame before running beads all the way around. Cost is next to nothing! Buildup would probably be a waste of resources IMHO. Just slap a plate over it Another good option would be old section of...