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    looking for operators manual for LVD Press Brake and Autogauge cnc1000

    I would like to purchase operation manuals for: LVD (80 BH 08C) Press Brake AutoGauge (CNC 1000) control unit Thanks for your help!
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    Misc Shop Items from New Year Cleanup

    If the Iscar sale falls thru I would like to be next in line OR if you/anyone else has another one for sale. Thanks!
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    Water in my lines

    ^^ X2 Get an automatic tank drain and a properly sized refrigeration dryer unit......that should do it.
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    First Lathe

    Looks like a great find! Congrats!
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    Janssen and Sons shot gun stock fix

    Wow....I like the repair and patina it has now:D
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    Ot...My shop.. Allout

    Hummm.....Just got laid off......Tool Room engraved on the stand......$100 is good enough ==== I wonder if the "Tool Room" knows it is missing.....lol I'm not calling your friend a thief......just found it humorous:D Best of luck with the shop, it's looking good!
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    OT-Pics of my $800.00 CL Forklift!

    Right On! :cheers:
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    How do the majority of PMers get there machines?

    Craigslist & Ebay .... More often then not the road trip takes me closer to your part of the country
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    Cosen c-260nc automatic band saw

    Did you end up buying the Chosen saw?
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    Going to the dark side, buying a plasma table Friday.

    X2....I bought one of their tables and LOVE it! Ross and Cindy are the best to work with....highly recommended by me if someone is wanting best value for your dollar:D
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    What Stuff Made in China Do You Have That is Quality (or Acceptable Quality)?

    I have a niece made in China .... she is a quality person Other than that maybe my American flag-----NOT
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    OT: Why are so many people trying to run my life for me?

    Seems by posting this you got exactly what you don't want.....People telling you what you should do.......Ahhhh the irony:D
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    Boiler on the side of the road

    Any chance it was off of an old steam tractor?
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    Source for low cost wooden handles?

    I buy all of mine on E-Bay
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    New shop...just some pics of progress

    Pics or it didn't happen:D