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    rotary table backlash

    Hi, some years ago I bought a nice Japanese made rotary table from a scrap dealer, it was very sloppy so I got it at a very good price, turns out it was the bolts that fix the worm wheel to the bottom of the table which had rattled loose, ten minutes work and a little loctite and it was perfect...
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    Pantograph Help

    Hi Apostolos, I have an ogata bench top machine, however mine uses tapered collets which look similar to the deckel type, I can send you some pic's and measurements if you think it would be of any help.
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    Tips for paint stripper

    stripper I have had success with a home brew paint stripper, it is simply a mix of caustic soda and wall paper paste ( and water of course ) very handy if you need a lot of stripper and only costs a few bucks for a bucket full, just wash off with water when done
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    OT- Your first paycheck as a Machinist

    When I started my apprenticeship I took home around $50 a week, I remember I had trouble spending it all, didnt know what to do with all the spare cash
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    Calling all shaper Experts

    its a SACIA That is definetly a SACIA shaper made in spain, I have its big brother, a 24 inch stroke SACIA which is rebranded ATLAS via a sticker on the ram. A friend recently bought an identical shaper to yours and it is branded sacia on the inspection door, came from a school as well, great...
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    drill bit clean up

    one cheap way out might be molasis, I mess about with vintage engines and can clean out an entire engine block in a tub of molasis with a little water, leaves them clean as a whistle and doesnt seem to affect the parent metal just eats all the rust off ( and just a couple of bucks at the...
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    Just bought a shaper!!

    another elliott shaper Who would have thought, another one of those square Elliott shapers !!!! complete with port hole on the side and everything, got about 2 days to run on ebay Australia item # 120377783878 not too sure about the price though ( $5000 ) and transport from Perth to anywhere...
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    Metal spinning on light lathe

    Hi Dazz, Im no expert on metal spinning, but, a couple of years ago I needed to make some sheetmetal end caps to fit a 3" sheet tube. I turned a former out of a scrap piece of steel held in the 3 jaw and a tail stock piece to hold the sheet. then found an old bearing laying around in the shed...
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    looking for a magnetic chuck. Has anyone made their own?

    home made magnetic chuck Hi phull, I have an old book here with full instructions on how to build a magnetic chuck for a lathe, although, as someone said earlier, I cant imagine holding something in a lathe with magnetism and expecting to be able to turn it without incedent. Anyway, with a...
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    Wood bandsaw into a steel cutting bandsaw.

    Around 6 months ago I decided I couldnt do without a bandsaw, so, I found an ancient cast iron wood saw on ebay ( about 14" I would say ) put a metal cutting blade in it and ran a vee belt to a pulley held in the 3 jaw of the lathe, so now I have the full range of speeds simply by changing the...
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    High Accuracy Hole Location

    Hi, not quite sure what you are machining, but, I was taught to accurately position a drilled hole you need to mak a toolmakers button ( most of you will know what I am talking about) turn a sort of thick washer with an OD twice the distance you require from the edge of the plate, then...
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    Hobbing gear with tap - how?

    I have seen this done many years ago by an old steam model builder, I think from memory the tap is held in the chuck of the tathe and the gear blank is held horizontally in a fixture in the tool post ( on a close fitting spigot but is able to turn ). the blank is fed into the revolving tap (...
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    shaper disaster

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, it sounds like the epoxy might be the way to go. bronzing would take way too much heat ( although I was toying with idea of solder ) the angled sides of the ram and the column look quite good, it is the bottom of the ram and the corresponding face of the column...
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    shaper disaster

    Hi everyone, I recently stumbled on an Invicta 4M shaper, a fantastic piece of equipment with tilting cube and front support, even had the vice and most of the original tools. every thing appeared to have had very little use, just very dirty, anyway to cut a long story short, when I got it home...
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    Weight and Quality of Horizontal Rotary Tables

    I am too tight to buy one of those pump up die trolleys so I made an attachment for my floor jack to lift heavy tooling, you simply lift out the round metal piece whish goes under the car, replace this with a piece of pipe with a spiggot which fits very neatly into the jack. inside the pipe is a...
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    SIlver soldering question

    Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth, an old timer told me the best way to obtain a good join on a delicate part was to first glass bead blast if possible then file down a stick of silver solder and collect the filings, mix these with the flux and apply to the area to be joined, gently heat...
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    deckel indexing head ????

    Thanks a lot for the input, Im not familiar with all the deckel attachments, I am trying to think of ways I could use this thing on my more conventional mill. perhaps I should be looking for a regular indexing head. Thanks Vinny
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    deckel indexing head ????

    Hi guys, I found this item on fleabay. the seller says it is a deckel indexing head, has anyone seen one of these before ? he mentions gears but I cant see any in the pics or any way they could be used for that matter. what do you think ? here is the link ebay.com.au
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    New shop rules, any cutting fluid suggestions?

    I have had a lot of success with canola oil (the cooking variety ) very cheap from any supermarket. I have used it on my shaper and have also achieved very good finishes on the lathe, excellent for tapping as well. a friend suggested heating it an melting some lard into it to improve its...
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    shaper tool retractor help

    Thanks a lot everyone, I realise the tool lifter would be a little limited in its use, but on the other hand it would be great to spit red hot chips all over the shed with a carbide cutter. anyway, if I come up with anything which works reliably I will post a picture of it here.