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    hot melt glue for positioning on fixture table (and general use around the shop)

    In the past, I have used hot glue for quick set ups in our hole popper, our optical inspection machine, and our CMM. Hot glue hasn't let me down yet! You just have to be reasonable with what you expect it to hold. Double-sided pressure tape has some shop applications as well. I think at some...
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    Thumb in the eye from Solidworks

    Last resort backup of CAM software installation The subscription model is awful - for us end users. Talk about getting the short end of the stick. It's really important to make a system image of your hard drive that has the CAM software installation on it. If the hard drive fails, clone...
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    Graphite question

    Are you describing the electrode you have manufactured or a cavity you have burned? I ask because if you are describing a cavity, you may be experiencing a bit of secondary discharge as debris leaves the cavity. There are a lot of ways to approach this, such as grinding back-taper on the...
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    Need Charmilles Robofil 510F or 310 Help

    Hopefully it's just debris In the past when we have left a 310 down for a while. We found that when putting the machine back in service there was scale or other debris (from the tank drying out) that got loose and blocked the water port for the water that circulates through the upper head...
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    OT - This just came on the television - How it's made, Hot Dog Carts!

    Many have speculated about opening up a hotdog cart (on other threads on PM). Now we're finally getting somewhere.
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    Sledge Hammer

    I think the modernized version of the word is "verklempt".
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    Favorite Brand Of Tap

    I've spent so much time burning out all of the big brands and I still can't choose a favorite.
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    Not getting paychecks on time.

    I'd start looking for a new brother.
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    Charmilles FO 350 SP Problems with drop tank.

    I'll preface this by saying that I do not have experience on your particular model, but I am familiar with Agie Charmilles product line going back about 25 years. If possible, elevate your credentials, then start digging through the machines' parameters. There may be a tank offset that is...
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    Qualichem 250C acting differently?

    It worked great drilling 3400 Ø.025 holes with carbide circuit board drills in some pretty tough Vanadis material. All I had available was 10000 R.P.M., but I would have preferred 20000+ R.P.M. for the job. I didn't break a single drill this time around, but normally at 8% I'd spend a quarter...
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    Qualichem 250C acting differently?

    I am with you all the way. It's a good product. Sometimes I think the guys around here drink that stuff it's so good. We've had great service from our local Star Metal fluids representative. Just as a side note, I have found that running the 250C at 12% takes care of a multitude of cutting...
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    Wire breaking just in front of pinch rollers

    The special gauge you'll need is a device called a tension meter. I've actually seen one branded "tension-o-meter" years back. Good luck with your rebuild.
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    Cutter comp show up after canceled, Need help please

    Is it possible that you need to turn tool comp off on a line that has (G00/G01) motion?
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    OT: Funny Machinist Sayings...

    I worked with an old timer for some time. He was a great guy and is sorely missed since his passing last year. Several years ago he looked disgustedly at another millhand, (who was beating the hell out of something in a vise) and said quietly to me "Dumbshit is using the wrong end of that...
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    machining hundreads of small blocks 1.125 x .5 x .25 thick

    Mill the the 1.125 and .25 dimensions to make bars. Stack a couple of bars then Wire EDM cut-off the .25 dimension. Or maybe you could cut-off the .25 dimension with a cutoff wheel on a surface grinder?
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    OT: Breaking stuff.

    Whenever I shoot myself in the foot it seems the ricochet always hits the other damn foot too.
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    OT - Common core math

    Has anyone else noticed the great set of tags for this thread?
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    OT: "Like" button on vacation?

    It's hardly fair to throw out Orwellian nods if we don't have a way to like them.
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    OT: "Like" button on vacation?

    Well that figures. I didn't even get a chance to cash in all my likes.