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    Photos...Fullerton College Machine Shop...

    I'm on campus daily, in the business school! I was told there is a small shop that the engineering students use.
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    Industrial Supply Houses in Houston?

    2nd Rex Supply, we used them at my last shop. Have you looked at ordering online. I know depending on what you need they have coupons for free shipping often from MSC also. I hope you are planning on hitting up HOUSTEX Feb 24-26! You can get information overload close to home.
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    Tapping 600 holes in 304 SST with a BP

    I've tapped said thread on BP in 316 and Hast C using Hertel pipe taps using R8 collet. sometimes it will spin and I'll back out clean chips and go again. I have chart that gives me good estimate of how deep from top to go to get gauge depth. I would be cautious on the 1/4 thick part though...
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    Insert size?

    Indexable Cutting Tools | MSCDirect.com
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    OT?-My First Paying Job

    Nice bushing. We run parts simple as that and these guys are making $25+ hour to do it. Keep it up!
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    What IS this crazy tap?!

    Thread started about this few days ago! http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/general/world-s-fastest-taps-bet-you-ve-never-seen-not-osg-293868/
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    Amortizing machine value into jobs... job costing... is there a formula?

    If you put a $100,000 machine on floor and you estimate it to be good for say 10,000 hrs production useful life then you the would have depreciation of of $10/hr of machining. Now if the machine runs for 2000/hrs for one year then you will have a depreciation expense for Tax man of $20,000...
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    Seeking carbide system advise

    On the manual lathes where I work, we have about 12 different holders, part off, rough turn, finish turn, 5 various diameter boring bars, one 15 deg holder, a 90 deg holder for OD such as Chucking grooves, and one for ID break edges, couple of misc. holders that holder variety of inserts. The...
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    machinist advancement oppurtunities

    I'm trying to finish my BBA in Accounting b/c that is only way for me to advance off a machine.
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    Why did you become a Machinist?

    I was working in grocery store and my g/f's (future wife) dad told me about an apprentice ship with schlumberger learning the machinist trade. First day of work, no lie, when boss told me the machine name I ask him to spell LATHE for me b/c it was like he was talking Greek!
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    Is Taking a Business 101 Class Worth The Time?

    I've been working in machine shop for 10 years now and have been slowly getting my education in accounting for the same reason to move up. I would suggest taking any entry level accounting, a basic supply chain class, the economics (macro and micro) are good to understand. Not sure how...
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    OT: Does anyone have any good shop idiot stories?

    That's how one gets shot!! HAHA
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    Need Help Tapping 1/8"-27 NPT Thread

    I use the 11/32 drill and usually have to tap 1/8 NPT about .500 from top of hole for it to gauge properly. Extra info on what I use for the NPT's I drill as follows: 1/4 is drilled with .437 and tapped about .700- .730 deep, 3/8 is drilled with .578 and tapped about .700 - .730 deep, 1/2 is...
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    Opinions on chamfering npt holes

    I vote CHAMFER! 100% of the time. I would get fired if my NPT's didn't have a nice chamfer on them. You aren't loosing much thread depth on it.
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    OT- Is there a bank account that does not allow withdrawals?

    Bank accounts don't normally affect credit score and history. Having open lines of credit will be the only thing is is going to help her rebuild her credit. You could try to get her a credit card but then there is no way for you to keep her from abusing it.
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    TMP2 Haas Toolroom Mill, anyone have one? Do you like it?

    I've been running one for over two years now, its works for our high mix, low volume work. Get with the tool probe option, and maybe the auger with chip conveyor b/c it sucks bending over cleaning chips out so you can get the coolant back to the tank. We have 10 inch chuck laying down on...
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    Is CNC machining a good career pay wise?

    As said by all the guys above, if you put in the work and learn everything you can, the money will follow. Don't dismiss having to relocate to get that money either. I started out with no XP, with an oilfield company who got a licensed to run a machinist apprenticeship. Pay was $10/hr...
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    OT- Is Duck Commander a real company that makes duck calls ?

    how many times have they ever shown the redjacket shop with workers just churning out guns? Zero that I've seen. You only see them make guns for high profiled clients.
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    Hire new or promote from within?

    I would address the position with boss. The problem I have always run into when trying to move off machine is being to much of an asset as a machinist. The worst they can say is "No" and you keep doing what your doing. They might not even have thought of you in that position either. "squeaky...