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    Seeking a Geopath post for TREE

    Hi forum, Does anyone have a post for a "Tree acramatic 2100" VMC for Geopath mill that they would be willing to "share"?? We have been out of the maintainance agreement for too long now, and now we would have to buy the "newest" version for any support from the vendor. (way too much money)...
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    Fanuc OT m54 code doesnt work?

    We use this method as well. We use Fanuc Oi-Tx controls.
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    Star-"Rotary Magic Guide Bushing"

    Hi Board, I am looking for some feedback from ANY users of the rotary magic guide bushing made by Star Machine, for star machines. We have been having major issues finding centerless ground material lately. The stuff we have been getting is either over/undersize with diameter variations of...
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    CMS/Upgrade technologies Fagor CNC

    WoW! Talk about "bumping" a thread. This was started in 2003 You may get some results by contacting Mark Laney at http://cncnew.com/ They sell and service the older models. They may have what you need.
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    "Brace for end of made cheap in China"

    It seems that the labor market's in China are staring to get a clue that they are being exploited. Here is a link to the artical posted on Yahoo. Companies brace for end of cheap made-in-China era - Yahoo! News
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    My Favorite Posters

    Nice teeth sure! Also a healthy set o' lungs on er'
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    Akira Seiki SL-20 w/fanuc O-T Homing Problem

    Thanks for the speedy replies. Got it going! It turned out that there were some chips boogering up the "pre setter" It would not let the presetter go back to position FULLY, which would not let the machine home. I got the chips out of the way...and Viola! "Z" starts to home. Happy day...
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    Akira Seiki SL-20 w/fanuc O-T Homing Problem

    So I have just ONE part number to worry about today. Gotta ship 150ea. today for the end of the month books. (doesnt look like THAT'S gonna happen.....crap!) Machine was cranking out parts yesterday just fine. I come in this morning, do the usual start up, go to home the machine, works fine...
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    very O.T. taxes advice.

    +1 for John Garners advice. We have gone thru the same thing in my area. While I did pay the higher tax rate for a short time.....The assessors office in my town, actually initiated the re-asseesment of ALL the houses in my county. Can you believe that! I now have a lower tax obligation on...
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    Anyone ever tried to drill angles with this tool?

    Yeah, I cant seem to wrap my head around that part either. I wonder why......... Although, Why coudnt we put an EM in that sucker to create a "land" that can be center/spot drilled at the required angle before drilling. That is what I would ordinarily do.
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    Countersink Interpolation

    +1 for the spot drill approach.( BEFORE drilling the holes) I would question the wisdom of "interpolating" when you are already concerned about adding addition "cycle time" to the project. Spot drills are avail. in carbide as well, which would be well suited for 304SS and would/should shave...
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    How Long to make this part

    Ball Endmill ?
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    OT: Morality and machining stuff

    Automobiles kill thousands per year. I have no problem fabricating "auto parts" Guns kill too.....I have no problems making parts for guns(for a legit buyer). Candy makers make product that "chokes" people to death! I love what I do.....Thas what get me out of bed in the morn. I do not...
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    Inspection of helicoil holes.

    They did that with almost all of the install tools for sizes 4-40 thru 3/8-24
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    Inspection of helicoil holes.

    I have done quite a bit of alum. vacuum chambers for a very large semiconductor company that used hundreds of helicoils in the final assembly. I can assure you that a major company WILL definitly use a plug Go/No Go on the inserted holes. We found that on installation, the inserts did not...
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    Production Held Hostage by .100 travel in X...

    Bad form to remove original post........
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    Tapping heads need help?

    Speaking for myself, when I hear "tapping head" I think Tapmatic in my worthless opinion, they are the industry standard from which others are tring to compete with. I would HIGHLY recommend them. I have used them on VMC in the past, but It needed a special "collar" that mounted to the...
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    CNCNEW -- Any opinions?

    Greebe, You are welcome. Thats what are here for!:D
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    CNCNEW -- Any opinions?

    I have used CNCNEW in the past. I dealt with a Mark Laney as I recall. I have bought rebuilt servos for our "upgrade" GT-27 machines as well as a few axis cables and some actuator rebuild kits. I have had no issues with them so far. Seems to be pretty legit. :cheers: Kev
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    protected program number?

    I will be watching this thread too. I had an operator manually punch in a prog. at the control and used O9999 as the number. Yep....you guessed it!. I cannot remove the darn thing.