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    Deburring countersinks anyone know where to buy them?

    Something like this? Using by hand I put them in a small Jacobs chuck. Or run them under power on drill press.
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    Getting rid of micro-slivers...your favourite way?

    Brillo pad. Swipe it over the sliver opposite the direction it went in.
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    Bastard file -name origin?

    When mommy file steel and daddy file steel got together outside the bounds of matrimony they create a bastard file steel. That is where bastard files come from.
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    OT- 14 year old runs a CNC Lathe

    I used to do the same in my grandfather's retirement machine shop/auto repair shop. Turned my first part in a lathe at 12. Worked every summer in the shop and a lot of days after school. Uncle owned a shop in N. California and would send us work so I could stay busy learning in the shop...
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    Polishing aluminum in machine

    I'm thinking something more like just a nylon, steel, brash brush to run that would leave a better finish on the aluminum before I send for anodizing.
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    Polishing aluminum in machine

    Hello, Looking for a solution for polishing aluminum parts in machine. Primarily I run 6061 bar stock for the parts that I make. Since most is through hole or reasonable tolerances I don't face mill before machining. I worked for a company that experimented with some brushes on cast aluminum...
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    Programming to machine an array of parts

    8 work offsets and use subprograms to run the same tool path on each of the work offsets.
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    fuzz when milling polypropylene

    .015 finish does seem like enough. Have the endmill skimming by without good engagement. Try is around .030 and see what you get.
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    Well crap - I am ordering a SawStop tomorrow. (Mildly graphic pictures)

    My school is now up to 4 of them in 2 different programs. Saved a girl a potentially serious injury the other day.
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    120 Gallon Air Compressor Identification

    Not a Champion. Don't know what it is but I'm sure it is not Champion.
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    Mill chip filter tray the DIY way

    Forgot to say that when I run out of the liners that came with the kit, I will using your link to order these. Way cheaper option than what Haas offers.
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    Mill chip filter tray the DIY way

    I got the factory tray for my VF2 and with the liner it works great. Machine doesn't run more than a couple hours a day and mostly aluminum. I take the tray and knock the chips off the liner every couple days.
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    Renishaw Probe Stylus Materials

    Broke the stylus on a new Renishaw probe and bought the replacement part with the ceramic stem. In looking around I see that they make the stylus with a stainless steel stem. They are considerably cheaper but still have the ruby ball. What is the use application for the stainless steel stem?
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    Need a new anodizer

    I've been using Arrow Cryogenics in Minnesota for the past couple years. Not any huge volume. They have been dependable and a couple week turn around on parts.
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    City permit woes

    I live in a small town with no mayor, city council or gov't body of any kind. Next week I'm tearing down two older outbuildings and replacing them with a 12'x16' garden shed. Will not have to go to get a permit from anyone to do this. I will never willingly live in a town where I have to get...
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    2 New Haas Machines and ???

    I went with Trim Sol based on cost and availability. So far so good in both machines. I'm working on getting in with Master Fluid Solutions so I can buy it direct.
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    mill drill speed and feed

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    mill drill speed and feed

    None of the links work. Have to take the "S" out off the https. You are logged in and it won't show since it is a secure link. I wouldn't try it with that tool.
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    TL-1 ... radius vs diameter X-axis behavior

    The TL1 I have in my shop behaves the same as yours. Just program as normal and it is calculating the distance to the center of the spindle. When touching off X to the side of your part you must then add the diameter of the material in negative. My TL1 has conversational programming...
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    New Machines File Transfer Issue

    Worked like a charm. Thanks.