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    K O LEE Surface grinder year code?

    Hello all. My buddy just purchased a surface grinder for our Gunsmithing shop. He bought it off an auction site. I’m looking for the model number, where to get any Manuel’s and lubrication info. The model number says S709J1C3PA1 and the serial number is 8800-11F2. I can’t seem to find that model...
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    Spring steel Tempered or Annealed?

    You can also temper the spring in Notre bluing salts obtainable through Brownells. You’ll need a lead pot or another way to get the salts up to 600 degrees. Leave it in there until the spring blues then take it out and let it cool naturally. That’s how I do my springs. It usually takes 20-30...
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    Southbend Nordic 15 help

    Had another Electrician come out and he determined that the first electrician didn’t run large enough wire to cover the load required plus he put a 30 amp breaker in for a piece of equipment that draws 55 amps to start. So we called the first one out to redo what he should have done to start...
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    Southbend Nordic 15 help

    Yes it does have a big one that has about 40 wires going to it. The electrician checked the panel but someone had taken the emergency stop button out and tried to repair it with new wire connectors but he used too small of connectors so the wire wasn’t crimped correctly. I’m not sure if that is...
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    Southbend Nordic 15 help

    It’s a rotary and big enough to power 5 other 3 phase equipment
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    Southbend Nordic 15 help

    I’ve looked through the site but have not found any thread that could help me. I have a SB Nordic15. I just got my 3 phase wired and the motor turns but none of the controls on the machine work and the spindle doesn’t turn. I cannot figure out what needs to be done. The electrician has been out...
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    This is Michael the guy that got your follow rest a month or so ago. Could you give me a call...

    This is Michael the guy that got your follow rest a month or so ago. Could you give me a call tomorrow? We finally got power to the shop, and we wired the Nordic15. Something is not right because the motor will turn but none of the controls work and the spindle will not turn no matter what...
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    Are you still in the Asheville area? I noticed that you have a Southbend Nordic 15 or had one. I...

    Are you still in the Asheville area? I noticed that you have a Southbend Nordic 15 or had one. I can’t get mine running and would pay you for your help if you could help us get ours going. The motor turns but I don’t think something is right because the spindle doesn’t turn in any gear. Could...
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    5-7hp lathe on 230 1 phase help please

    I have the same problem I live in Asheville as well and also have a Nordic 15. We used a Hitachi WJ 200 rated for 7.5 HP. Our problem is there isn't enough torque to turn the spindle The clutch slowly turns and every now and then we are able to get the spindle to turn at maybe 15 rpm. I...
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    South bend Nordic Lathe Starter Switch

    I have a Southbend Nordic 15 that I’m trying to find pictures of a complete taper attachment so I can determine if there is anything I need. I know there is no bar and clamp but I also don’t see where the bar could be connected to the taper attachment. All the pictures I’ve seen leads me to...
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    Muzzle threading setup with a long headstock?

    Your best bet would be a range rod from Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool & Guage. It is caliber specific, self-centered, bushing tipped to ensure positive seating within the bore. Get the barrel to within 1-2 thousandths to ensure your threads are concentric to the bore. Any strikes of an MB or...
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    Troubleshooting lead screw issues

    Thank you for the advice. Worked really well for the first few years but in the last 6 months I’ve really had some issues. Long over due for a p.m. yes my name is Mike
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    Troubleshooting lead screw issues

    You are right I checked the machine and it’s a 14x40. This was my first post, so I wasn’t sure if I was in the right topic or not. Sorry I check and blew out all chips and made sure it was free of them. Acts more like a bad half nut, I will most likely tear it down myself, i just wanted to be...
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    Troubleshooting lead screw issues

    I have a 2004 Grizzly 8x40 Metal lathe to build rifles on. I have recently noticed that I am having some rough spots and even points where it gets very difficult to turn the handle in a few spots before it slightly jumps forward towards the head. Turning and threading are both effected. How hard...
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    SB nordic 15 manual FREE

    I would like to get it. I recently picked one up and need the Manuel. My e-mail is: [email protected]