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    Resources/Literature on gun barrel manufacturing?

    I’m just going off what the tech at shilen said
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    Resources/Literature on gun barrel manufacturing?

    From what I understand They ream then hone as each pricess helps straighten out the curvature in the bore from drilling I recommend you go to shilens open house/ swap meet in the spring They do a step by step presentation on barrel making including inspection Very eye opening and if nothing...
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    Resources/Literature on gun barrel manufacturing?

    I wouldn’t call HS precision one of the best barrel makers I’ve been to shilen They use an old p&w drill to make the hole Then ream on modified lathes Then hone Then pull a button on an old handmade sinebar machine Then cast a lap and hand lap Lots of benchrest and smallbore records set with...
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    Tips needed on removing a hardened screw with carbide drill

    If you know a good tig welder, id have him build it up and weld it to a small nut first. if not, then you plan will work, Next option, since this is in the tang, any chance you can attack it from the underside of the tang? perhaps drilling it out from the underside will push it out?
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    I'm a Stud

    Weld a nut on with AC current I believe the constant switching helps break the bond
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    OT - Looking for a small Drain Blaster

    Most ac guys use a blast of compressed air I just take a few wet rags wrap it around the blow nozzle, hit it a few times It’s never not worked for me
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    Possibly interesting look at firearm production-how it was accomplished?

    I want to say Nodak Spud or some other company was making correct lowers for old ar10 parts kits from some foreign country that bought them and has now divested themselves of them. Malaysa maybe? they sold out quick but idk if they sold them all to equal all the parts kits available so there...
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    Accuracy AR

    its possible, I tell people all the time go to rock river arms, armalite, even dpms when they were in business. Buy a CMP legal gun, start shooting , its capable of winning camp perry. Ive got a RRA varmint and a DPMS ar 10, pretty much off the shelf except i slotted the ff handquard for a sling...
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    Helping a friend who lost his arm able to start shooting and hunting again.

    Someone sent me a video of a one armed sporting clays shooter using his firing hand to shoot one handed Seemed to work well for him We are going to try that first, I’ll add weight to the buttstock to bzkNce it at the grip and let him try with that Plan b is a Velcro buttpad with matching...
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    Helping a friend who lost his arm able to start shooting and hunting again.

    Posting here because I know that some of you are involved in medical/prosthetic manufacturing but may not be involved in hunting or shooting. A friend of mine lost his right arm last year in an auto accident at the shoulder, There is nothing there to mount a gun to without some type of...
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    looking for someone that can do some lathe work for an experiment that I plan to build

    only on drinking water, once it goes through the body you need a 6' stainless probe.
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    looking for someone that can do some lathe work for an experiment that I plan to build

    😂😂😂 Tell him to get a probe rod Tape measure and some flagging
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    New Hermes Pantograph in rough condition - worth buying?

    I have the motorized version of that model, the TX i use for marking Gun barrels or other small tools. I paid 600 for it a few years back with two sets of font and felt I got a good deal. For 180 id jump on it. You have the diamond drag, nothing wrong with that, tips are easy to find, no motor...
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    AR15 Handguard attachment

    You lost all credibility when you quoted ARFCOM
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    AR15 Handguard attachment

    Id love to know where you get that info. PSA is one of the few companies making pretty much all their own parts, and like most ar manufacturers, is probably making contract parts for others too. Ive built several guns off of parts from PSA for Service Rifle competition with the exception of the...
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    Shotgun gas ports

    why do you think its overgassed? Might be better/easier to make a smaller set of pistons to let more gas escape
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    Lagun FTV-2 moter replacement

    have it rewound, prob cost the same, maybe a little more than a new aftermarket motor but you wouldn't have to modify anything so IMHO thats worth it
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    Savage 99 Takedown

    I have one about the same age with the same issue However mine was factory shipped with a 300 savage barrel and a .410 barrel which was never used 300 barrel is sloppy and indexes past the slot, 410 is tight I thought of machining sone breaching washers/ shims to take up the slack but was afraid...
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    Pakistan's largest heavy machine shop - from youtube

    I recognize a few sugar mill parts in that video