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  1. j king

    DRO - Educate Me Please

    I have purchased 3 of the Chinese Dros over several years. No regrets. 2 on lathes and a 3 axis on my mill. Can't say anything bad.Only problem I had was the beep on display input stopped. Not a big deal since I'm half deaf anyway.
  2. j king

    OT Hearing Aids

    Speak up John. What ya say?
  3. j king

    Dropped radial drill

    Sorry to see that happen. As all have said we're glad nobody got hurt.. he looks like a hard worker.
  4. j king

    Digital Read Out (DRO) on a 10EE

    I put a cheaper DRO on. It has been great for several years. It's a Sino. Only lost like a half inch quill length. I cut a little out of the tail stock wiper to keep it as close as possible.
  5. j king

    machining billet crankshaft using KT dividing head

    I turned some large cranks in the past. I believe something like 12 inch throw for a stamping press.One of the most stressful jobs I have ran in the lathe.always think before you made a move and make sure you were clear of the throws.
  6. j king

    Cincinnati Cinova 80 205-12

    The head just moves 2 axis. No quill. Can you zoom in on this pic? I'm not home for a while
  7. j king

    Cincinnati Cinova 80 205-12

    I have one of these .same powered over arm and head. I have dros on mine. Got to thinking...mine is a 60
  8. j king

    Spade drill help!

    I disagree with pilot. Spades don't like that as it causes chatter.. I'd run 300 rpms .008 feed and flood it. No pecking.. back off feed as it starts to break through is you can..
  9. j king

    Ot- my new shop build

    Beautiful shop. Congratulations on the fruits of your labor.
  10. j king

    Brown & Sharpe Micromaster 618 Surface grinder or what did i get into?

    I have one of these. I don't believe there is a belt on the feed. I can't remember tho. Nice grinder but the control is kinda goofy on how it works.
  11. j king

    Heavy drill presses you like using?

    Use to see a few of these at HGR in cleveland.
  12. j king

    Sino sds6-2v DRO lathe Y axis issue?

    You need to go into the settings and set to radius. There are settings for calibration too if there is indeed a problem..simple fix
  13. j king

    1941 round-dial Monarch 10EE rebuild (yep, another one)

    Lookin very good. Going to look great.
  14. j king

    Told we are in dire straights but new ride for owner. . .

    I went thru something like this many years ago.Small company cut our insurance and uniforms.Said things are bad.In a month the owners both had 2 new cars.. I quit a month latter..They couldn't understand.lol
  15. j king

    10EE Vertical decorative strips and cover materials

    Mine had painted cast bars but two were cracked. I made aluminum ones to replace and shined them up..
  16. j king

    Do you want Metric Change Gears for Round Dials?

    Updates?? Been awhile now,.
  17. j king

    Do you want Metric Change Gears for Round Dials?

    I just saw this. I too would be interested in the gears..jim Zahnrad...sent a pm and your message box is full.
  18. j king

    Brown & Sharpe 618 Micromaster No Y Axis Movement

    Mine does this when it sits a while. I just hand crank it a little then shift it a few times and it starts going
  19. j king

    OT Found a good deal on a Kohler 25....NOT!

    I found a kohler command 27 or 28 hp fuel injected .cant remember size.It was used as a demo for dealers with a display board with a fuel pump filter and wiring schematic.It never had oil installed. Paid 1500 with everything included.Computor,fuel pump and filters. O2 sensor.. Took off a onan...