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  1. rivett608

    Identifying a Combination Square Accessory

    It looks shop made to me. Very strange and have no idea what the guy was thinking.
  2. rivett608

    Inside micrometer by Ambrose Shardlow & Co. Ltd.

    Inside Micrometer by Ambrose Shardlow & Co. Ltd. The company’s history goes back to 1869 when it was established as a general engineering and machine shop in Sheffield England. By 1900 they were known for making crank shafts for engines of all sorts. In 1917 they were called on by the British...
  3. rivett608

    Darling Brown & Sharpe Patented Steel Rule - D.B.&S. - Oct 18.87

    I think the patent is for graduations on the end of the rule. That is just from memory after a few cocktails.
  4. rivett608

    STARRETT #204 Quick Adjusting Micrometer

    Above is correct about the #205 and tenths. A month or two ago a friend got one and called it to my attention. Pretty rare beast.
  5. rivett608

    When did Ambrose Shardlow Co. Ltd. of Sheffield start making micrometers?

    I have John, they didn't have much and not as early as what you said. Thanks
  6. rivett608

    When did Ambrose Shardlow Co. Ltd. of Sheffield start making micrometers?

    I am curious when Shardlow started making micrometers? I have read that it was between WWI and WWII when the British Government offered financial incentives to them and Moore & Wright to have a strong UK manufacturing base for this much needed tool that was deemed critical for defense. Anyone...
  7. rivett608

    Inclinometer -what for? how to use?

    I think it is French, the engraved number font is exactly like what a few micrometers in my collection have, they date from 1890-1910. I have piece from Switzerland and Belgium from the same period and they use a different font.
  8. rivett608

    Inclinometer -what for? how to use?

    I'm just catching up on my reading, That is very cool and I know nothing about it other than the earlier poster mentioning it is something I would have enjoyed bringing home, he was right. I do think you are all on the right track as to what it is.
  9. rivett608

    Alig & Baumgärtel Indicator from Aschaffenburg, Bayern , Copy of Bath Indicator?

    I don't see a makers mark on the indicator, I wonder if it is exactly like a Bath? Have you laid them side by side? I wonder if A & B just put their name plate on the lid of the box? At the turn of the century American tools were very popular on the continent, There were a number of dealers that...
  10. rivett608

    |Drill Press Table..

    Mine was not that big, I guess it was 8" to 10" in diameter, I wonder if they made different sizes which the the links don't mention, or did another maker create a smaller version? How big is the original posters table?
  11. rivett608

    |Drill Press Table..

    As I said on FB, I used to have one, a guy traded me out of it decades ago. I had one catalog that showed it and just looked at the ones I thought it might be with no luck. Sadly I thinned out my catalog collection years ago so I suppect that one is gone.
  12. rivett608

    Hamilton Sensitive Drill Press pulley replacement.

    I had a bunch of these over the years and still use the first one I got, circa 1939, sold to the Washington, D.C. Navy yard. It has the groves worn in the pulleys which does not effect its operation so I wouldn't get stressed over that. Yes the belt is very close, maybe touching the side casting...
  13. rivett608

    Help identify angle measuring tool

    Nice inclinometer, don't recognize the makers name so I'll have to do some research.
  14. rivett608

    Odd Micrometer, anybody seen one like this?

    I have a few of those, some work and some don’t. It has been about 20 years since I took one apart.
  15. rivett608

    Who made it & When?

    I have one, it is an old Pries copy of Deckel that wasn't so popular during the War. It is for grinding pantograph cutters.
  16. rivett608

    Ball Knurling with antique knurls

    Winged it on a test cut and then went from there, I hate the math part of making things.
  17. rivett608

    Ball Knurling with antique knurls

    This was a post I did on IG and FB today, thought I would add it the discussions we have had in the past. Working on some BALL KNURLING, an old style of knurling, most have seen the ROPE style, but this is more rare. This is for a project I’m doing for Chris Toledo’s @ibuildsmallthings latest...
  18. rivett608

    Bastard file -name origin?

    I completely forgot it was mentioned in Moxon.
  19. rivett608

    Bastard file -name origin?

    I have read a lot about the history of files and their names. I have never seen this before. I wonder if it just so English author trying to credit one his countrymen? The definition I have seen over and over is the bastard file is in between fine and course, it is of neither.