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    OEM Repair/Inspection Service, equipment destroyed. Who is responsible?

    Haha. I hear you. But you've already stated that you are willing to cover any losses....So they are in fact....Insured.
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    OEM Repair/Inspection Service, equipment destroyed. Who is responsible?

    We ship everything with full insurance and signature confirmation by default. If the customer wants another service, it must be requested in writing/email. Had around $80k in parts we made once, that we hand delivered to the anodizers. Customer requested parts to ship directly from the...
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    Dumbest *looking* machine tool ever ?

    Well I'm offended. It identifies as a machining center, and must be called such...Or you are a (Please insert baseless insult of choice here).
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    Override Door Interlock Doosan 2100A?

    I really dislike this mentality that if someone doesn't agree with your personal opinions on safety measures they must be a fool. It comes across as very condescending and pompous. It's the foundation of many in this country today...That they are smarter, and know what's best for the idiot...
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    City permit woes

    We are at the point where putting up sheetrock in your basement without a permit is an act of rebellion. :rolleyes5:
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    We need a lot more of this in the US; what is your state doing?

    I'm sure I do confuse you... If I have to explain the difference between your example and mine I fear we may get no where.
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    We need a lot more of this in the US; what is your state doing?

    The state of CT offers programs to Manufacturers where the state helps pay for a % of a new machine purchase up to $50k(I think is the max). Even though I am in the exact position to benefit from these programs, I find it disgusting. It's called principles. What right does the state have to...
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    Who makes good work boots in the USA?

    Some of these boot suggestions have giant heels on them... They look like something Rick James would wear if he was changing your oil.
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    DNC to a fanuc O-MD

    Can't seem to find that word doc at this point. But here's the order of operations for the Fanuc OM control we have with no "tape" option on the mode selection. Obviously you must first make sure you have proper communications between cnc control/external device. Dripfeed settings must line up...
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    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    I agree entirely. Just being able to ballpark price a machine online is huge imo. Obviously there will be some negotiation that follows, but you get an idea up front without inviting the monsters(salesmen) into every aspect of your life. Would love other MTBs to follow suit. I went to buy a...
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    The first and last Haas I'll ever buy

    Yeah, but Haas does a great job at giving Instagram kids boners. Haas does do some things other MTBs don't do. *You can go online and "build" a machine and get ballpark pricing. *They push hard at a social media presence, this does have some effect. Love SM or hate it, it's powerful and the...
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    Titans of CNC at IMTS 2022

    Given the fact that he has achieved some undeniable success.....The way he acts says more about our industry than it does him. His antics are most likely an act, but the industry sucking it up is not.
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    Chatterless countersink brands

    I'm sure this isn't popular opinion as it soaks up a little more time. But anytime I need a decent finish/geometry permits I "rough" with a single flute leaving some material, and come back in and interpolate it with the appropriate angled chamfer mill. As far as doing it in a manual, as...
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    Rehiring an employee who quit?

    I wouldn't take an employee back for the 2nd time. The first time, ok....Second chances are reasonable. I find it wildly disrespectful to be used as a plan B, and I would make him own that decision. At a minimum I wouldn't hire back at the same rate/position. There would have to be some sort...
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    Doing work for other shops

    Don't listen to grumpy old machinists, follow your dream. If someone seems bitter while giving advice, immediately disregard. They are miserable for a reason, and are thinking emotionally. Considering advice that comes from a place of experience is good....But based in reason and logic....Not...
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    Thoughts on Quaser Verticals

    I have a couple V1000s bought in the last few years with Mits M80 controls, I think built in the Quasar factory as well. Great for the money. Had Quasar quote a vmc a few years back, but they are sold/serviced in my area by the same place that sells Kitamura...Or were at the time. The...
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    New machine feedback

    I realize this has nothing to do with your question. But figured it might be helpful. This week had a new machine quoted (Not Doosan, but a machine in the same class). I have 2 of the same machine I bought new over the last few years. Pricing was currently up 30%+ for the exact same machine...
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    OT (but quite pertinent, I think) -- A New Idea Regarding Gun Control

    As for many on the left.....Big Government has become their God. Reading your quoted statement , all I could think is the same could be said for governments.
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    Coolant Sump Vacuums/Cleaning Methods

    Appreciate your posting, wasn't aware you sold such a thang.
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    Coolant Sump Vacuums/Cleaning Methods

    Any complaints from the guys that pay for them?...Jokes. We had planned on calling them and inviting them in/going to look at them to see what solution fits best for our needs. Looks like a solid contender. Labor being our short coming, a solution that would minimize headaches and man hours is...