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    Why oh why does Mastercam have to be so damned complicated.

    The core issue is MC isn't very intuitive. Period. My last company used it along side NX, we compared a lot of notes when defining our best practices and standard operating procedures. Between coworkers and the constant bitching, ranting, and toxic love-hate going on in forums it's crystal clear...
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    Job final boundary avoidance system

    Sounds like management did not train your operators and machinists very well. Don't fire the untrained people, if you fire anyone you should start with the managers LOL! As far as 3rd party applications are concerned, a good starting point is to use the machine simulation built into your cam...
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    Dust collection on 5 axis machine

    Dust collection at the spindle is the norm for cnc routers. You might check for retro-fit parts or kits in that arena. Routers commonly use a curtain of bristles around the spindle so they have zero issues when traversing work pieces. If you have a lot of dust to deal with, and this application...
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    This new age tooling sales thing is kinda BS huh...

    If you use a plethora of tooling, even just for one machine, it's doesn't hurt to ask questions. It's their job to answer them. You might be in luck if they have a smaller or used vending machine they're willing to let you use. It will offload time for tool monitoring and ordering onto them so...
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    Haas VF-2SS undersized bosses

    @typoknig I agree with Donkey, his analogy using a car is spot on. The boss is undersize. It's a sucky realization for sure but now you know what's happening and can predict machine behavior. Our a-ha moment on our first haas a long time ago was a similar situation except the bosses looked like...
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    Learning Mastercam Mill Level 3 How do YOU prefer to set up your parts in the workspace?

    It's all situational preference, really. At my old company there was a lot of 4-axis thick plate work which the setup guys programmed. One guy would program a side and run it, a night shift guy would re-orient the model in MC and mess up the first side. The following day the original guy would...
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    Learning Mastercam Mill Level 3 How do YOU prefer to set up your parts in the workspace?

    I 3rd naming views (CS) whatever suits you. Your question is not a "mastercam thing", it's general cad cam question. I came from a company with a mixed MC and NX environment the MC guys, the entire lot of them, transformed parts all the time which made zero sense to the NX programmers and...
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    Mx520 pricing out of hand?

    Got it. My comment was pointing out that automation solutions in general are not cheap; they know automation is a hot commodity more than ever.
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    Here you go. It's just an archive page, not the actual site. The site was super old and inactive for a while, I believe the archive is all there is left of it. Archived Site
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    Mx520 pricing out of hand?

    Not to mention any sort of automation, such as pallet changers and robots. I'd like to see more sales numbers; I bet their revenue is kickin'. They know what they have.
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    I have nothing saved but I recommend checking out John Baker's recent post, in Eng Tips - NX forum, called A Walk Down Memory Lane. There's also a link to an archived site. Enjoy ; )
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    The history of the "primes" softwares is super interesting to me, but I'm a nerd lol. Now that I think of some NX history, it was originally UNIAPT a looong time ago. I researched the entire timeline but that's a post for another time lol.
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    p1=pt X.XXX X.XXX p2=pt X.XXX X.XXX L1=LN p1 p1 GO TO blah blah blah No graphical interface whatsoever, other than sending it to a plotter LOL Thanks, Donkey. Now I'm going to have a bit of ptsd from recalling that little fresh hell!
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    It's been said "Wildfires are dangerous, hard to control, and economically catastrophic." Credit Ben L for the fanboy rhetoric lol. By the way, NX was supposed to be a neutral name when merging UG and Ideas after they acquired SDRC. At the time, the plan was to rape code from Ideas and...
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    Completely agree Empower! Not uncommon for people to dislike software they haven't been trained on. I don't blame them; nobody likes to struggle or be frustrated. Companies should ALWAYS buy the capabilities they need and enable users to succeed. NX Synchronous Modeling comes to mind for...
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    I haven't priced the equivalent of my ancient Mach 3 NX13420 bundle lately, probably pricey but it includes 3-5 axis milling, turning, wedm, full blown modeling, advanced assemblies and drafting; probably way more than the typical programmer needs, lol. I wonder what it costs to get into a seat...
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    Best CAM milling software to use

    I agree, as long as the library doesn't become a huge nightmare to manage. Any software needs to be customized for a particular site and a properly set up material, tool, holder, machine libraries can be an absolute joy to use efficiently.
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    VMC Purchase Input (sub $100k budget)

    At my old company we had numerous Haas machines to compliment the Makinos and Moris. They generally were decent machines, for the price range, but there was one VF, out of 10, that must have been assembled on a Friday before a big holiday because that one had a stack of service invoices as thick...
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    Roper Whitney Konstruct

    I would call the factory and find an application engineer to speak with. If they marginalize your situation then start climbing up the ladder until you find someone in their organization who can help. I am surprised the tech did not give you contact information for application support but some...
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    New UMC-500, Z is off .005 on 90° tilts

    Update: Thought I'd share this, but most of you with exposure to UMC's who've had to deal with their crap probably know this already. MRZP calibration is 99% worthless. Test cuts with various tilts/rotations with the right parameter tweaks worked just fine. Jesus christ, I've always...