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    Please help Identifying old horizontal mill

    My not-quite complete FHM. (Newly renovated, but parts are missing. It was repurposed by previous owner, who modified it and removed some parts and left it in quite miserable condition. So i took care of it, but not quite sure what to do with it. I clamped a hi-speed spindle onto the...
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    Please help Identifying old horizontal mill

    I have a Köping FHM. Your machine is quite similar, but no. It is not a Köping FHM. For pictures of such, just Google Images. .
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    Attn: Gearhead People, need help w easy CAD/CAM thing

    Indeed, even my OCD had to dodge this one. Truth is, the gears just don't fit in my very small hobber. And even if they did, there is a time crunch to deal with. Low demands on the part... So, waterjet it is. Thanks a bunch.
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    Attn: Gearhead People, need help w easy CAD/CAM thing

    Oh wow, okay… thanks!!
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    Attn: Gearhead People, need help w easy CAD/CAM thing

    Looks great. Much obliged, kind sir.... thanxman. .
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    Attn: Gearhead People, need help w easy CAD/CAM thing

    Hi. I need a few simple low-precision gears. I intend to ask my waterjet guy to do them. But, I don't do CAD/CAM, and he likely does not speak gear or have gear software. Does anyone know where to find a downloadable model or file with which he can cut a 3 mm thick, 54 tooth spur gear in either...
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    new format - a thumbs-down

    You know what, though? They were actually interactive, or semi-live. I found them at the Wayback Machine internet archives. You could click topics and browse around. I’m not sure what would happen if you actually tried to reply to a topic, if it would just error or maybe pop up here instead, as...
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    new format - a thumbs-down

    Here, found some. Blast from the past.
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    new format - a thumbs-down

    As others have said, this sort of discontent comes with every update. This is what, the fourth or fifth update now? Does anybody have a screenshot of what it looked like twenty years ago, when it was all sort of a pale yellow? It would be fun to see.
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    Machining a helical gear

    ”…If I rotate the table to the lead angle…” Taking a chance by posting before having morning coffee here, but I would say no. But, if you swivel the dividing head to the lead angle of your desired helical gear, then yes. So, table angle = direction of travel = lead angle of hob. Always...
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    High temp adhesive for plastic

    JB Weld is a very good answer, esoteric or not. The regular, standard, original version can happily withstand 400F. I know it does; I have tried it. Can't speak to the other new, improved (?) varieties of JB though.
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    OT - Why do metric bearings use inch balls?

    Really interesting; i’m glad you brought it up. I have been wondering about this for years. A while back i was at a ball bearing seminar put on by one of the major manufacturers. The guy leading it had been employed as a specialist turner & grinder at their HQ Factory. So, i asked him. He said...
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    Lorch B 27 LZ Toolroom Lathe 1963 Any information Specs Etc. ?

    Wow, nice! I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Have an AV1-L m’self. Enjoy your swarf to come.
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    Is this gear hob math correct?

    Hmm. Idunno offhand. Are you familiar with the Meshingwithgears.com forum? It is pretty good for specialized gearhead questions such as this. .
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    This Old Tony?

    He is a member here.
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    Lorch AV1 foot brake

    Okay, i had a second look and added a couple more pics here. I named three shafts, or pivot pins really, that matter here, and made a little sketch of how it works when viewed axially from the left. Note, hinge or pivot pin A ends flush with brake band lever. Pin B has no function at all. Pin...
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    Lorch AV1 foot brake

    Okay, here you go: i took a bunch of pics, at increasing closeness to the item, with the last pic from above, inside the cabinet. I also checked the manuals and so on for a drawing or schematic, but there wasn’t one. Here is a link, to keep from spending Don’s forum bandwidth: Album —...
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    Lorch AV1 foot brake

    Damndest thing... y’know, I actually have one. With complete foot brake. Now, i have no idea what you need really, but sure, i can have a look, take some pictures... Absolutely. .
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    Degree symbol--how?

    And if all else fails, just go find one somewhere else and copy-paste it. The good thing there is that it works on almost any device with any symbol or alphanumeric character. EDIT: on an iphone, holding down the zero makes a ° alternative pop up. Holding down letter keys presents alternative...
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    Dark chocolate brown pheonolic

    Not sure about that either as it seems the absorbency would be very low, but i do know that applying oil to cut edges and surfaces darkens it and visually brings out the grain and structure, similar to wood. Makes it look great, really. .