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  1. swiss blade

    Sunnen MAN-845 oalternative in a pinch - needed for rushed job - any help appreciated

    I'm late to the party, but Ohio Tool Works has honing oil comparable to Sunnen and their lead time is usually much better
  2. swiss blade

    Sunnen Dropping the Ball Lately

    With regards to their honing products... over the last few months, Sunnen's customer service, lead time, and various other factors have become worse and worse. Anyone else noticing this issue?
  3. swiss blade

    Any advise on retaining and outside sales person?

    I would say yes, but I would take a serious amount of time getting them up to speed on your processes and capabilities
  4. swiss blade

    "Employee Entitlement"

    A lot of places are running into that.. we have too. It all comes down to how much they're worth to the company/you. Human nature is greedy; they'll always want more. Even if you gave them four weeks they'd want five. I'd say your benefits seem pretty legit. Our company goes... 3 personal days...
  5. swiss blade

    Draftsight Entity Snap inaccuracy

    The problem is this "Draftsite" .... It sucks. I would recommend checking out something like TurboCAD. It's fairly cheap, like around $100 and it works well. I used it for a while before I upgraded to Mastercam
  6. swiss blade

    VOIP phone systems

    Check out republic wireless. Very cheap but very good.
  7. swiss blade

    0.2505 Drill???

    I think 6.5mm will be too big, but I will probably end up trying that before this is over.......
  8. swiss blade

    0.2505 Drill???

    That's what I was doing... Till the owner saw it... You know how that goes.... :wrong:
  9. swiss blade

    0.2505 Drill???

    How consistent would this be?
  10. swiss blade

    0.2505 Drill???

    Totally agree... I should ream it. Yep. But, I am out of tool space in my Vertical Mill. I don't need the hole to be exactly 0.2505, just no less than .250. I am using a 1/4 right now and it is just a smidge small for the mating part.
  11. swiss blade

    0.2505 Drill???

    Is there anywhere I can get a 0.2505 drill? I know I could always buy one oversize and grind it down, but would rather not expend that cost if possible...
  12. swiss blade

    Mastercam X7 OptiArea setting question

    Biggest option... try a different, more simple tool path. I ran into the same thing on a machine last year.
  13. swiss blade

    Infinite Helix Chips on Ti

    Yes TeachMePlease, I have had some luck. So here's what I did. I have spend up the feed to .0045FPR. And I put an orifice into my HP line to add some pressure to the stream. That has really seemed to help...:D
  14. swiss blade

    Infinite Helix Chips on Ti

    I have HP right on it. I will play with the feed.
  15. swiss blade

    Infinite Helix Chips on Ti

    I am turning 1/4 Ti down to 3/16. I am taking it off in one pass. And I am running this in a Citizen L12. The Tool Nose Radius is .007.
  16. swiss blade

    Infinite Helix Chips on Ti

    Hey y'all. I am cutting 6AL4V Titanium and getting some really "rat's nest" looking, long chips. They are balling up around the work and making a real mess. I am cutting at 2500rpm, 0.0025 Feed, and 0.032 DOC. Anybody find a sweet spot running Ti they'd be willing to share?
  17. swiss blade

    Cincinnati Milacron Sale Price ??

    No... Those hard to get?
  18. swiss blade

    Cincinnati Milacron Sale Price ??

    I was at an auction today and saw a big Cincinnati Milacron lathe running on tape go for $200. I am pretty sure the guy bought it for scrap. Should I have jumped on it? Or was it not worth much more?
  19. swiss blade

    Kennametal Tooling Course

    I went. It was very helpful. I am planning on going to the main Kennametal factory for the 4 day version.